How Do You Measure Up?

Photo Credit: Chandra Marsono

May I share something with you? I’m having one of those days months where no matter how hard I try, I don’t feel like I measure up.

We live in an age where I can compare myself to thousands of other women doing the same job I’m doing. I can read their blogs. I can spend time on Pinterest and catch glimpses of all the things they’re doing that I’m not. And never could.

I’ve never baked a flawlessly decorated cake for my son. I don’t sew or create magnificent pages for a scrapbook. The messiness of a sandbox gets the better of me sometimes and the thought of mud puddles or keeping any type of bug as a pet sends me into the fetal position.

The other night during my prayer time, I told Him as much. I shed my heart and mentioned all the things I am not good at that I feel I should be. Would you believe I thought I heard Him chuckle? He may have. I like to think I humor Him at times….

Friends, I’m sharing the rest of this over at my second home: 5 Minutes for Faith. Will you join me? Simply click on the image below!

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



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