My Scandalous Story ~ Five Minute Friday

Friend, sometimes I just need to write
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

Would you believe there’s an app for that?
Well there’s a place for that anyway.
Over at Lisa-Jo’s.

So I will join others and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
On one word alone:


It was one of those days. Where I have to admit I didn’t seize much of anything. The day seized me.

As the warm washcloth wipes some of the evidence away, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. And look up to hear what it has to say. For mirrors always have a story to tell.

It seems worry becomes harder to conceal with each blown candle. I see lines beginning to permeate and wonder when this new one reared itself.

Strange how even our faces show our encumbrances. The pressures we pile high.

I stand there in the frozen frame, studying my natural state. When suddenly it comes to me. The scandalous truth.

Oh my goodness gracious, look at me. Plain, flawed, beautiful me. Do I ever have a story to tell.

Friends, the wretch that’s been sung about for ages — ’tis I.
The sins He bore while hanging broken on a tree — they were mine.
And when Jesus said “Forgive them, Father…” — he meant me.

One day, I heard Him say “Come to Me. Let Me in. I saved you once and would do it again in a heartbeat.” — I accepted.

And I’ve been in a scandalous love affair every day since.

I’m still discovering how much He truly loves me. Plain, flawed, beautiful me. I still can’t describe grace in 10 words or less, but know it’s what brings the glow upon my face.

I glance into the truth-teller once again. Aching to see it. And smile wide with pride. My lines conform to the task, accentuating the emotion. A chuckle escapes as I say it right there out loud.

Oh yes, Jesus. Did you ever give me a story to tell. Count me in. I’ll share the scandalous truth.


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Simply striving,


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38 thoughts on “My Scandalous Story ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Nikki…oh yes…all our lives…all the moments beautifully redeemed by His love…and may we continue to live with wonderful love affair…a story to be written and told…blessings to you my friend~

    • It’s amazing how long it has taken me to see redemption for what it truly is…and really, it’s all for a love affair, isn’t it. What grace! So grateful we exchanged our hearts today, friend. We were nearly neighbors!

  2. I do love me a scandalous love story:) Seriously, this is beautiful! A story to be told over and over. So thankful for my part in Redemption’s Story. Blessings!

    • Hugs to you, friend! You know what still gets me? He’s longing for that love affair, too! I still can’t wrap my head around that…oh how He wants me. Now wanting you I can understand ; )

  3. I tend to just avoid the mirror altogether. 🙂 I love how you describe your relationship with Christ as a “scandalous love affair”. Makes me smile every time. Oh how he loves us. It’s still amazing!

    Mary Beth

  4. YES! Oh how I loved this: “Oh yes, Jesus. Did you ever give me a story to tell. Count me in. I’ll share the scandalous truth.” Beautiful post today, Nikki!

  5. oh i so love this! i often feel so ordinary in my life – though i have a great one and love it – there are moments, as a mother, that i feel so, meh. i remember being frustrated one day that the dreams i had/have would never happen because i was living an ordinary life, a stay at home mum. but God reminded me that HE made me ME and HE knew my paths and HE knew my purpose. ordinary in HIS hands becomes extraordianry!

    • Oh, I fight with ordinary, too. And you have nailed it. He does transform it into extraordinary when we give it to Him, doesn’t He! So blessed by this love affair He offers to us — including plain ol’ me. So thrilled to have met you today! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Oh, I’m with you, Karen. How can he love the wretch that I am? I can’t even fathom, but believe it. He’s shown me relentlessly it’s true. Enjoy sharing our hearts together on Fridays, Karen. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. How incredibly beautiful, Nikki! You have such a gift with words! It is overwhelming to ponder just how much He loves us, isn’t it? We have never been so undeserving of anything, yet that doesn’t matter. I needed to read this today and I am so grateful that the Lord has put you in my life, friend! Now, to just figure out how to meet in person someday! 🙂 Many blessings to you, Lisa

    • Oh, a meet up would be delightful, Lisa! I missed you on Thursday as I didn’t have my act together for a thankful Thursday post… Thanks for always encouraging me, friend. Isn’t it just like God to bring the two of us together? Hugs to you!

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