Risk ~ Five Minute Friday

Friends, I’m needing to hit a one-post-pause on my Back-to-the-Basics Series.
Just so I can write with my hair down.
Unedited. Unscripted. In 400 words or less.

I’ve missed it too much.

So I will join my blogging friends over at Lisa-Jo’s.
We’ll throw caution to the wind and write unabashedly
for five minutes time.
Without worrying if it’s right or not.

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Today’s word prompt is:


Your tiny fingers curl over mine like a pro. It’s only day one and you’ve already mastered a grip on my heart. My free hand sweeps lightly the wisps by your brow and I find myself gasping for reality.

How am I going to show you the hidden secrets of this world? How will I keep from exposing you to the hurt around every bend? How will I share the lessons I learned hard in hopes you will find your footing firm when you arrive?

You’re smiling now as you sleep in the bliss of fullness. I capture the frame and tattoo it on my soul. For that is what I want. That is what life should look like when you are clinging to the arm of a Savior.

So I will strive to live my life in front of you. Open wide to what comes my way. I’ll throw the need to control in the wind as I’m sure fear won’t know what else to do but follow. I’ll jump into the adventure of discovery. I’ll show you grace that’s found while bending low. And I’ll smile in the assurance of joy overflowing.

You breathe in deep like you’re taking life in.  Squeezing my heart with your melodic exhale. And I can’t help but whisper softly

“Oh, yes. Believe me, son. It’s worth it.”


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How about you? How do you handle risk? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



38 thoughts on “Risk ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Beautiful, Nikki! So glad you are joining in. I look forward to Fridays at Lisa -Jo’s as well! I am writing up a concluding post about our Bloggers Prayer Project…but it has been so crazy hectic, Summer sweet! Can’t believe it’s over either! Once my head stops spinning, I am going to stick with one blogger a week…how does that sound? Phew! Have a lovely weekend!

    • I love that idea, Dawn. I think I might join you on that effort…maybe featuring a blogger every week on my sidebar–the one I’m praying for? I’ll think on it. Glad to see you over at Lisa-Jo’s today! Enjoy your summer sweet weekend!

  2. So beautifully written. I feel so deeply that desire to shield my son from everything that will hurt or harm him. It’s a hard thing to trust him into the hands of the Almighty. Thanks for expressing it with such grace.

    • So thrilled you stopped by today, Tanya. Your 5 minute write is still lingering with me… And I’m with you. So hard not to keep them under our wings 24/7! But to think….He loves them more than I ever could….

  3. You brought back memories of my first moments holding my little one! I hope that I can live a life in front of my son that teaches that everything is so worth the risk! Really, if it’s not risky, it’s probably not worth having.

    Mary Beth

    • Me, too, Laura. Becoming a parent is the pinnacle spot in my life where I remember staring risk in the face and choosing to embrace it. Doesn’t mean it’s easy! But the rewards speak for themselves…

  4. Hey Nikki visiting from Lisa Jo’s…..this is so beautiful.. Oh my, loving yours words this day. It is always joy to be over here at your place. Pure Joy. wishing His grace in the risk….

  5. Perhaps the biggest risk I have taken outside of following Jesus is having my first child. Nothing in me felt ready for that. And parenting has been the single most useful tool in deepening my faith. I must be completely dependent on Him for the outcome. You wrote this beautifully. Sorry I have been scarce around your place this week, finding it hard to visit and read during the summer. But you know I love you.

    • Me too, Shelly. When I thought of my greatest risks, I thought of living for Him and parenting. Both of which one can’t prepare for! Who knew how He would use parenting as a tool to strengthen my relationship with Him. It amazes me every day. And I love you, too! Even if summer keeps us quiet…know I’m still reading your heart when I can!

  6. Oh, it’s only 7:30 in the morning and tears are filling my eyes, Nikki! Where do you get the words to write such poignant and touching posts? I know, yes I do! They came from the Source, the Source of your goodness, love and beauty. I’m so glad He has brought us together to be blogging friends, no we’re blogging Sisters in Him. And I love that we’ve spanned hours, miles, and years to be in this wonderful relationship! Blessings, dear friend!

  7. this was so touching…especially this line:”I capture the frame and tattoo it on my soul.” I haven’t had time to post today…Happy and blessed weekend, Nikki..praying that God will continue to guide you as you wait 🙂 {{HUGS}}

    • If I was doing VBS this week, there’s no way I would have gotten this done, either, Dolly! Even when it’s just 5 minutes… And still you stop by. Oh how you keep blessing me. I covet your prayers, friend. I would pray for you regardless — hope you know that. Enjoy your weekend! {HUGS}

  8. visiting from lisa jo’s … that picture is absolutely wonderful it is always a miracle to hold a new born. I love their little fingers and nails and tiny softness. Oh to cuddle one more sweet smelling love bug… ours are all grown.

  9. So incredibly beautiful and another precious reminder of just how important (and fleeting) those moments are with our little ones. Your post on Thursday touched me so much that I wrote about it in my post to be published on Monday. I hope you don’t mind the shout-out. 🙂 You continue to inspire me. Many blessings, Lisa

  10. Girl, the words YOU can shred in five minutes! (I rarely end up with five minutes. I start with the best intentions, then compulsiveley tweak. Ugh, work in progress here). I can’t even pick a favorite line out of this because it all was so beautiful. Truly.

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