He’s Still Holy

Even when the darkness surrounds my life.
Even when confusion has blinded my eyes.
Even when I don’t understand His ways.
Even when my circumstances don’t change.

He is still holy.
He is still sovereign.

I don’t deserve His kind affection.
I don’t deserve His tender patience.
My unbelief has kept me from His touch.
My unbelief has kept me from His truth.

Yet He is still holy.
He is still sovereign.

Oh, I so want my life to be a pure reflection of His love.
I want my life to be a sweet devotion to Him.

And so I come to Your chambers, Lord.
I’ll dance at Your feet.
You are my Savior, and I’m at Your mercy.

All that has been in my life up till now —
It belongs to You.
I belong to You.

You are still holy.
You are still sovereign.
You are still righteous.
You are all-knowing.

You are still holy.

Friends, we sang this in church yesterday. Do you know it? These words above aren’t written in the lyrical format of the song, but it’s how my heart sings them. And I wanted to share them with you today. My heart’s cry. In hopes you will join me in proclaiming Him today.

Proclaim that no matter what happens — He is still holy.
No matter if things go our way — He is still sovereign.
Whether we understand or not — He is all-knowing.

And that’s okay.
For He is…and I’m His.

And I have to ask you, friend. Are you? Are you His?
How about you? What line could you add to this worship song? How would you complete this sentence:

Even when _______________, He is still ________.

I’d love to hear.

I can’t decide which version of this worship song I like better, so I’m sharing them both.

Kari Jobe slows the tempo slightly to linger on every word. You can listen in and read the lyrics HERE.

But there’s just something about Kim Hill’s soulful voice. Listen in HERE.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today.

Simply striving,



18 thoughts on “He’s Still Holy

  1. I’ve decided that I must be living in a walled in city. Once again you’re introducing me to a song that isn’t new, but I’ve never encountered before. I don’t listen to much radio, but maybe K-Love would keep me better informed if I did. I really like the words reminding us of His God-nature. I want my life to be a sweet devotion to him, also a pure reflection of his love to enable many to come and dance at His feet. What a happy picture is in my mind now, thanks.

    • So thrilled you shared with me, Donna. Am glad I introduced you to another song that causes you to reflect on Him. Wonder if I can do it again next week… ; )
      (although it might be time for another hymn history lesson!)

  2. No matter if things go our way, whether we understand or not, He is all knowing, sovereign and holy so I can trust it all to Him. Loved the words of this song, thanks for introducing me to it. Have a beautiful week.

  3. a bold statement of faith in His Holiness…although I don’t understand His ways, He is still holy…Kim’s voice is amazing…thanks, Nikki, for sharing…praying for you, dear friend 🙂

  4. I’ve not heard this hymn before, Nikki, so thanks for introducing me to such stunning words. And yes, I am His!

    Even when I question, He is all-knowing! And for that I give abundant thanks.

    Bless you, friend.

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