The Makes of a Great Dad

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It was one of the first things I said about you. And we weren’t yet dating. I wasn’t taking notes, simply observing from afar the obvious. You with nephews climbing all over you. Joy beaming from your face. The undivided attention you gave. We were only 18 and I knew enough to say it out loud to my roommate.

“He’s going to make a great dad.”

We were only 18 and God knew. As He wove the details in place so intricately. Ensuring we would be at the right place at the right time. He knew. You were going to be the future dad of my very own children.

I’ve spent nearly half of my life now admiring you. Delighting in your sense of humor. Growing with you on our spiritual journey. Learning with you on this road we call life. But nothing has compared to the last 4 years. As my pre-conceived notions have been proven true.

You make a great dad.

And I pray when our boy is 18, he will know. How blessed he is to have had you for a father. That a lot of what he has become is a result of you. I am striving to already help him see the gifts given to us through you. So when he is 18 he can agree.

He has a great dad.

On this day I set aside each week. To share thanks in this space, I want to show you what I see when I look at you. My husband, the love of my life. The father of my sons. This is what I see:

  • You leave your job at the door. Our 4 year-old knows nothing about looming deadlines and government regulations. All he knows is when you walk through that door, he becomes your everything.
  • You work so hard to provide. We never go without. Yet you don’t let that consume you for you realize time is a priceless commodity. And you always make sure your time spent proves where your values are placed.
  • You listen and apply what you have heard. From our son. From me. From God. You hear and you respond. What comfort is found when we know. That when we speak our hearts to you, the words don’t wash off. They permeate and find a safe home.
  • You display what a child of the King looks like. And I see our son soaking it all in. From singing praise to reading devotions and every prayer time in-between. Our son knows who you turn to. He sees the reflection of our Heavenly Father through you.
  • Selfishness is not in your vocabulary. You can’t even see how to possibly be one. All you know how to do is give. And with it, I hope you can say we all receive.

I’m honored to have a front row seat as I watch you in your element. Taking on the role He has given you with such dedication. I could go on and on and I will. Every day. As I thank God for making you a great dad.

How about you, friend? When you look at your dad or the dad of your children, what are you grateful for? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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28 thoughts on “The Makes of a Great Dad

  1. Wonderful and beautiful. I remember when I was single, men interacting with children was just such an attractive quality. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man and I think it’s awesome that you can recognize and give thanks for that!!

  2. Nikki, this is so very very moving. What a joy to read your joy. Thanks for sharing your deep love and your profound sense of respect you have for your husband. Your words are inspiring. …wynnegraceappears….Elizabeth

  3. Nikki, what a precious tribute to the man you call husband and your boy calls dad, and God calls My Own. Lovely, unmeasurable joy is what I read and heard in your words. Sherrey

  4. What a beautiful and loving tribute! He sounds like a wonderful husband and father. What a blessing to you and your son! This post brought me to tears. Thank you for showing us all what true love resides in your heart!

  5. Got caught up on your last couple posts. So beautiful. Your tribute to your father, {your first date and valentine}, was so sweet. My husband has only girls, and so I know the importance of a daddy for girl’s and woman’s heart. I am sure if not for your father’s faithfulness and attention to you as a girl, you would not have had the eyes and heart to discern your would-be husband’s character of being a great Dad. That does encourage me, as I worry that after pouring my life and soul into my daughter’s that they will make unwise choices in marriage as so many Christian women seem to do.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh a mother’s heart…we do worry, don’t we. I’m sure you’re right, Leah. I had a great example, even in my grandfathers. So I had no doubt what makes a great dad. And I’m certain your daughter’s won’t, either. So we mother hearts pray them through it. Fervently. That they will apply what they have observed. (don’t you love how parenting increases our prayer life naturally?!?) : )

      thank you for sharing with me, Leah! Enjoy your weekend!

      All for Him,

  6. What a touching tribute to your husband…I especially loved the phrase abut how your words don’t wash off when you share them…that shows a tender heart on his part…how good of God to bring the two of you together…thanks for praying for Jubi…poor old dog, he has been falling more this week, but he doesn’t seem to be in pain….have a blessed Father’s Day weekend, Nikki…love and hugs to you 🙂

  7. such a loving tribute to you husband…I am blessed as well…my children don’t struggle knowing how much God loves them because of the earthly father they have…so glad you are richly blessed with this kind of man…blessings to you~

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