Paint Your Picture

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Pick me up like a paintbrush, God
Dip it in the colors of my life
Paint Your picture, Father
And fashion a heart that is wholly Yours

Take Your fingers, God
Master Potter, come mold the clay
Tell Your story
As You mold me
Fashion a heart that is wholly Yours

And write your name,
Write Your name
in the clay
And sign Your name,
Sign Your name
on the picture

Take all I am
Take all I have
I am Yours forever, forever

“Paint Your Picture” by Julie Meyer


Father, I sing this song with a primed heart. Here’s all of me. Take it.
Take me. Do what You do with this dust I bring to You.

Work Your wonders. Mold me. Paint strokes of grace over my flaws and failures. Polish me till I shine so that I reflect Your image, Lord.

And please. Inscribe Your name upon my heart.
So everyone will know I’m taken.
I’m Yours. Forever.


My dear friend Dolly introduced me to this song 6 months ago. (You can see her post about it HERE.) It has never left me for its message resonates with every fiber of my being. Even after listening to it for a few months now, I haven’t grown tired of praying alongside it.

Do you have a few minutes to hear this song? (Subscribers, visit HERE to click play on the image below):

How about you? How do you pray to the Master Potter? How do you ensure your heart is willing to be molded? What song have you been praying alongside lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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18 thoughts on “Paint Your Picture

  1. Such a beautiful song, thank you for introducing me to it. To paint strokes of grace over my flaws and failures and polish me so that I may be a shining reflection of His wonderful love, that is my prayer. To God be the glory!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Nikki. I’d never heard it before and love what it says. That’s what I want. For the Father to be so pleased with the results he’s willing to sign his name. For me to be completely pliable…mold-able…into His image.

    • pliable…mold-able…into His image. For Him to be pleased with the results. Yes. that’s what I want, too, Donna. Thanks for sharing with me today, friend! Will be praying this with you this week.

  3. So happy that the song has been blessing you…Lately, I have been praying “Into Thy Hands” re: worries and “Thy Will Be Done” as I surrender what I cannot change into His hands…Much love to you, Nikki 🙂

    • Oh, “Into Thy Hands”…yes. That and “Thy Will Be Done” seem to be daily occurrences around my heart lately. I say it every day, don’t I…so blessed to be on this journey with you, friend. Thank you 😉

  4. Thanks for this beautiful sharing, Nikki! Ah, the Master Potter is envisioned for me in the words “You are the potter . . . I am the clay . . . mold me and make me . . . this is what I pray.” I see these words have mentioned before, and I suppose twice in one day it doesn’t hurt to hear/read them. Just part of my time spent with my grandmother in her church down south. I think they sang that hymn almost every Sunday. And I believe the Potter can do just that.

    • I’ve been singing that song all week, Sherrey. Love that old worship chorus. Perfect words to pray every day and twice on Sundays. That church knows a thing or two 😉 Thanks for sharing with me, friend! (I’ve missed my time over at Joan’s place. thought I’d remedy that this week)

  5. Beautiful, Nikki and I’m so glad you shared at Reflections of His Grace this week. I pray the Master Potter molds me into His masterpiece – designed for His purposes.


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