His Waiting Room

Her long fingernails tap in allegro. Encouraging the receptionist to type faster. An exaggerated sigh follows each question raised and it becomes obvious to the entire room. Patience and courtesy are not on her to-do list today.

The older gentleman reaches for the newspaper as his wife frantically searches her purse. From the corner of my eye I catch him patting her knee softly. Assuring her everything is going to be alright. He offers what he can to her nerves, asking if he should follow or stay behind.ย  And I witness love right there as she suggests he wait here in the sun’s warm rays.

It was only after my oldest was born that I grew to enjoy this room of waiting. The only place where time is not yours to control.ย  And as the sea of others ebb and flow through every corridor, I allow rest to warm my soul. I don’t pull out my phone. I resist the urge to flip through ads. This is my time to spend in communion with Him. For we have a lot to talk about.

You may know He’s asked me to let go. To come undone. To retreat back to my natural state. Where joy is given freely, never grasped. What He hasn’t told me is how. And just like the allegro woman, I want to know. Now.

Words I read recently come to mind and I can’t help but grin at how timely this book found me. God uses these portions to remind me where I need to begin:

What keeps many of us from growing is not sin, but speed…
We lose God in the blurred landscape as we rush…
We don’t struggle with the Bible but with the clock.
We’re drained because we live too fast.
Speed damages our soul…
Jesus came to give us rest.
Michael Yaconelli, excerpts from Messy Spirituality

I find myself now in the same place of the dear elderly woman. Frantically searching for how to achieve life’s perfect tempo. Digging through my mental calendar at what I could cut out, slow down, put on pause.

When it hits me hard, knocking what breath I had left right out of my lungs.

Friends, He shared the secret with me last year. I talked about it in This Post when I began researching the origin of these verses:

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
“The Lord will fight for you and you need only to be still.”
Exodus 14:14

Do you remember what I discovered while researching the Hebrew word for “Be Still”?

  • It meant to let go.
  • To release.
  • To become weak.

My mind whirls with the possibility that He has been sharing the first step to this process for a while now.

Suggesting all I need to do is turn my heart into His waiting room.

A room I’ve grown to enjoy. Where I give my time to another to control. Where I can simply be as others around me ebb and flow. There I can rest when I am weak. Release. Let go. Receive all He has in store for me. Rise when I am called…

How about you? What does your waiting room look like? How do you let go to become still? I’d love to hear.

Sharing with you moments of gratitude I treasured this week in His waiting room:

  • God loves us even when we don’t want Him to love us
  • My hubby having a day off mid-week
  • Gluten-free peanut butter cookies
  • Reading “Messy Spirituality” It was a quick read and knocked my socks off. I’ll have to talk more about it.
  • God refuses to exclude me
  • My sister-in-law gifting me with new-to-me sandals
  • Brilliant rainbow after the storm
  • Seeing my nephew graduate
  • My moment in the waiting room. As He invited me to stay.

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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48 thoughts on “His Waiting Room

  1. I really like this. There are many moment throughout each day when I find myself pausing, resting…meditating, before starting back up again. Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know…but, your words today put a fresh perspective on this I need to consider some more. Could be this is the Spirit’s voice encouraging me to see or hear what the Father has for me at that time, rather than me just getting old and drifting in thoughts. Rainbows, flowers, rays of sunlight, sparkling water, butterflies, photographs of cherished people, old memories being sparked by whatever…these are the easiest triggers for slowing me down and allowing my frantic body and mind to rest.
    I also need to tell you that I’ve enjoyed each of your blogs, even though I rarely comment as I rush by. You, along with both Joys with their contributions, have been blessings I’ve needed at this time in my life. Thanks! Oh, and I’m not discounting your other commentators, each of your friends have blessed me with their comments…expanding my thoughts in other directions..other angles to consider our Father’s love for each of us. How many of us, in various stages, and ages, are out here seeking more words of faith to help us along on this fun trip through life.

    • I’m dwelling on your triggers, Donna. As it paints a vivid picture of your heart for me. How you do not take the small nuggets of delight He gives you each day for granted. And I love that perspective of not drifting in thoughts, but remaining focused on Him. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I appreciate how you challenge me and encourage me to keep striving. And am honored you take the time to read my ramblings, Donna. Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful … and thought provoking. All to often, I, too, am the allegro woman.

    I think the Lord is revealing to quite a lot of us the need to be “stlll.” I like what you said, “Suggesting all I need to do is turn my heart into His waiting room.” I like it very much.

    • Thank you so much, Jerri. I am still dwelling on this mental image He gifted me with and am so thankful to have it for my head AND my heart can wrap around this concept easily.
      So grateful to be on this still journey with so many amazing women! Including you. Thank you.
      All for Him,

  3. Psalm 46:10 is my verse for this year:) I’ve wanted a quiet and still year, hoping we could slow down so that I could be with God. But it’s only gotten busier! And I’m learning to be still even in the midst of craziness, to seek Him even in the busyness, and to build that quiet monastery right in my heart. Beautiful post, always!

    • Love how you’re keeping your focus despite the circumstances changing from your expectations! What a perfect verse for the year. Isn’t it amazing…He’ll meet us anywhere. Even amongst the crazy blur of our schedule. Striving to not let the moments with Him pass me by. Thanks for sharing with me!

  4. Another beautiful post that just touches my heart, Nikki. I struggle with this, and am trying more and more each day to have that special quiet time with the Lord despite the crazyness and busyness of life. I also am trying to look at each and every precious gift He send my way, no matter how small and appreciate it with all of my heart. They sometimes are the most amazing gifts of all! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Those two goals sound perfect to me, Lisa! Time, and seeking out His gifts… And you’re right. Little things become big things through the eyes of our Savior! Savor them long! Have a delightful weekend, friend. still praying for you…

  5. Iโ€™ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Awardโ€“I hope you will accept it and enjoy it for awhile. I truly find your writings inspiring!! ๐Ÿ™‚ See my post, entitled Inspiring Blogger Award, 6/8/12, for details.

    • You are so thoughtful, Peg. I’m humbled you would even consider me let alone honor me with the award. Thank you so much! I’ll be by later today for a visit.
      All for Him,

  6. Sweet Nikki, I needed to hear this today, friend. I need to sit at His feet, staying in His presence, letting Him fill me . . . He is the beginning. All newness and peace to this otherwise distracted heart of mine. Thank you and bless you as you wait on Him.

  7. Nikki – I continue to say WOW when I read your posts because it seems to be just what I am needing to hear that day. My life has been crazy and I really keep hearing God saying to slow down and do less. You are a blessing to me that you struggle with the same things I do and share them here and that gives me more hope – Thank You!!!

    • I’m so glad we can do this together, Kristin! We’re all striving, stretching, struggling. Why not encourage each other along the way! That being said–I have no idea how you do it all and still have time to share with me here. Thank you so much!!

  8. Nikki, this touching post reached in and grabbed my very core! I tend to pile up so many things to do that I’m often leaving Him behind in my hurry. Yes, even we retirees think we have all the time in the world, and we too want it now. I’ve got to slow down the madness of trying to do everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing in this one short life I’ve been given, and make my heart a waiting room — waiting for Him to speak, for Him to calm, for Him to show, for Him to lead. Thanks, dear one — you are balm for my soul.

    • Sherrey, It warms my heart to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this at times. A party of me wonders if the struggle comes through like seasons. that perhaps sometimes it comes easier. I like to believe that’s true, anyway… Regardless, I’m honored to share this journey with you. One where we wait for Him to speak, to calm, to show, to lead. I love that.

      Thank you so much for sharing with me, friend!

  9. “And I witness love right there …”

    I love elderly people. I love watching them and being around them. Especially the elderly couples who openly demonstrate a love that few of us in younger generations have truly witnessed. At least, I know I haven’t.

    To be still. The very command IS worth studying and contemplating. It’s really my heart’s desire. To slow down in this ever-racing, fast-paced world. To slow down and just “be.” Be still. In that waiting room where He meets us.

    Beautiful words here, Nikki.

    • Thank you so much, Denise. Always love seeing your smiling avatar here. I could people watch the day away and the elderly never disappoints. I can learn so much from them and their ability not to conform to a disposable society…

  10. Wow, Nikki, I am so glad I waited till I had some time in my busy week to catch up on some of the blogs I love. I needed to read this today and I intend to “Be still knowing the LORD will fight for me” and is at this very moment working out his beautiful plan for my life. Blessings to you.

    • Always delighted to have you share with me, Joy. Thank you for joining me in the effort of lingering long in His waiting room. Trusting Him with the results. May you see Him working through you this week. Blessings to you as well!
      All for Him,

  11. We are in a time of waiting now as my husband is unemployed for the second time in eleven months. What was scarey at first has become exciting. There is not a desperate need felt to hurry up and find income. Of course, we look and apply. Instead of worrying, though, we are waiting on the Lord to provide according to his will. There is so much joy in that.

    • I am so sorry to hear you are facing that right now, Tereasa… Wish I could give you a hug! But I’m so grateful you know who to turn to when life throws these curve balls! And how you’ve learned this so quickly amazes me…that God cares for these details, too. No need to panic. He’s got this. What joy! Hugs to you, friend. Thanks for sharing with me today.

  12. I read this when you posted earlier and realized I never commented. As you know I have been sitting in many waiting rooms lately with my son, then my mother-in-law, then my daughter. And I, like you, learned much about being still and letting all the hurry roll off. It’s a good place to be. And even though I wasn’t grateful for the inconvenience at the time, He used it to speak to me and I am thankful.

    • It’s funny. I thought of you while I was in the waiting room observing those around me! : ) I actually had a conversation with one gal I just might have to turn into its own post… I’m delighting in seeing how He can turn any circumstance into a teachable, intimate moment with Him when we show up with our eyes focused on Him. and I’m certain even tomorrow He will dazzle me again with this grace He gives so freely.

  13. Oh, this is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of this, every piece of this is just profound and tender. I am now intrigued by the book and want to add it to the list, though long, of summer reading musts. I am now following and excited for more posts. I came visiting from Ann’s today. wishing Grace,,,,

    • I am so thrilled you stopped by–thank you! So lovely “meeting you” today. Looking forward to getting to know your heart.
      I know what you mean about long list of must-reads. For what it’s worth–that book is a quick read. rather short. Took me only a weekend and only sat down to read it in spurts. If you like Brennan Manning at all, you’ll enjoy it.
      Thank you for your whispers of grace…
      all for Him,

  14. I am so with you. These precious words stirred my soul, “Frantically searching for how to achieve lifeโ€™s perfect tempo. Digging through my mental calendar at what I could cut out, slow down, put on pause.” I want the perfect tempo. God’s tempo. If only it could be a steady tempo, but I’m realizing that God like a melody, full of rests, staccato’s and full notes. I think this summer is a slower medley for me full of rest to enjoy family and friends. Already I sense God leading an orchestra of triple notes and staccato’s for the Fall. While I look forward to both, I am so enjoying the silence of the rest. I love you!!!


  15. I am in the waiting room with you, Nikki…love the quote…read the book a few years back, but I am struck anew with how true it is…speed takes away from being quiet and hearing His voice…love and prayers to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I can’t believe it. I have finally found someone who’s read the book! we’ve had it in our bookshelf for years (my husband had picked it up) and I was drawn to it a couple weeks back. God has impeccable timing. I don’t know why I ever doubt it… Thanks for sharing with me today, Dolly, although I know you read this a few days ago ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs to you!

  16. Interesting thoughts here. I’ve never thought of actually praying during a waiting room experience. Hmmm, don’t know that I’d like it. But I like how God used yours to speak to your heart in a way that maybe he wouldn’t have otherwise. You are entering into some spiritual areas that I am not familiar with, but am intrigued by. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What entered my mind while reading your response Beth, is this. There are more ways than one method of praying or being in a prayerful attitude. I find that for me, while I’m at work, or sitting in a waiting room….that most of my praying takes the form of me discussing thoughts with the Father, as if he were there with me in the next chair. Sharing people watching comments, usually…many times I hear him telling me that I’m not being fair or I’m judging when I should be learning. Other times I hear him chuckling for what ever reason. I then slow down and look more closely. Other times I’m in a quieter more reserved mode of prayer during this time…sharing my concerns or fears.

      • We are a lot alike here, Donna. I chat with God in my head like I do with my hubby when he’s next to me. And I hear God in my head like I hear my hubby when he’s next to me. Thanks for sharing here!

    • Oh, I love how we’re different, Beth! What an amazing God we serve. That He will meet us where we are most comfortable. For me, alone in a crowded waiting room without a toddler or preschooler with me is the perfect time to meet with Him. I don’t know if I would have said that 5 years ago… And yes. I am going through an overhaul. I am coming undone spiritually lately. I’m not familiar with it, either, but trust Him with my heart. I hope to share some more of my journey. I hope you’ll stop by again sometime soon!

  17. You really bless me. Funny my Random Journal Day post is a share about time…and pondering it this week, how it feels like a slave driver, liar, and thief. And yet it is none of these when we are Still and quietly resting in Him…oh so I still am learning. The book looks interesting! ANd wow, have you ever felt more pressed and blessed then with the Prayer commitment we have made? I am so committed to it yet see so many tricks the enemy is laying out to just trip up the blessing factor. But we press on…thanks for joining and lovely sharing, my friend!

    • Pressed and blessed—what a brilliant way to describe this blogging prayer project! Yes–that’s exactly how I feel! His glory will prevail. I’m fully convinced ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Glad to know I’m not the only one who still has a thing or two to learn about clock maintenance. Thank you, Dawn!

  18. wow, God is really stressing this “be still” and rest to me… i so long for it. thank you so much for this post, nikki. and for the quote from “messy spirituality.” i must read that. bless you.

    • Oh, it’s a great quick read, Emily. It’s easy to set down and pick right back up. Perfect kind of reading for a mother with 4 kids 4 and under! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs to you, friend. Still praying for you!

  19. The LORD has been teaching me this as well. Be still and know that I am God. Be still and fix your eyes upon Me. Be still and sup with Me…He has been teaching me so much more but it really narrows down to being still and knowing He is God. The Almighty God who chose me….

    • Glad I’m not the only one He is teaching to be still and know, Vicki. I think I’m going to have to share more about what He’s been showing me with this verse, too. Those 8 words pack a powerful punch. I’m starting to see…
      Thank you so much for sharing with me! “The Almighty God who chose me…”yes. Think I’ll dwell on that tonight. thank you!

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