Mighty to Save

He sings while playing cars. Giving imaginary people some music to drive along the road to. And while I’m wrist deep in suds, I hum along. Amazed at how much his 4 year-old mind remembers. He stops short of the bridge. I look up and notice his car has, too.

“Mom, what does author mean?”

These are some of my favorite moments each week. When I stop to take advantage of them that is. I wring my dishrag and hang it to dry. Yes, it’s time to explain this song he’s grown so fond of. After silently thanking God for always giving me good reasons to use google, I pull up the lyrics. And with much prayer, I try to explain each line in a way a 4 year-old should understand them.

Everyone needs a friend who understands
To be loved no matter what
To be gentle to them

Everyone needs to hear ‘I’m Sorry’ and know it’s okay
To be kind, just like Jesus
To believe everyone can be that nice

Well, we know Jesus

He can do the impossible
He is the biggest and the strongest and can save us
Jesus wrote the Book on how we can be saved
He proved nothing can stop Him (at Easter)
When Jesus showed us He lives even today

and we pray

Jesus, I will be Your child, here I am
Sometimes I am scared and make mistakes
But you make me a better person

I’m going to do what You would want me to do
I’m going to believe what the Bible says
I’m Your child

I’ll live so that others see
See Jesus living in me
I’m singing
He’s the one
The living King

I stretch my neck round, try to catch a glimpse of his reaction. He’s still on my lap, his eyes fixated on the screen in front of us. I’m bummed I hadn’t thought to do this sooner. Spent time reflecting on what my explanation would be before winging it. I’m praying I brought Him glory and didn’t miss anything catastrophic when my boy turns to me. His eyes lit.

“So, author means to write a book!”

He jumps off my lap and skips back to his cars. I quickly follow, grasping for hope with each step.

“That’s right, bud. That’s what it means. Do you understand what the song means now, too?”

“Mom, I already knew what the song meant.”

“Really? What does it mean?” and I realize I’ve never even asked myself this question. I am not quite sure what the answer should be.

He puts a car through his toy car wash. And studies the small dial that makes the car go through on its own. As he begins to turn the knob, he says,

“It means Jesus. We just need Jesus.”


How about you? Do you know this worship song?
What does it mean to you? I’d love to hear.

(Subscribers, click HERE to press play on the image below
and see the proper lyrics)

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



27 thoughts on “Mighty to Save

  1. Oh, those little ones leave me amazed! No wonder Jesus said we must become like a child. Love your writing, the heart that it reveals, and your passion for Christ. Your post reminds me I need to pull my hands out of the suds and seize those teachable moments. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

    • Who knew we would learn so much on this journey of teaching another! What a blessing it is to see a child like faith in action. It amazes me daily. Striving to keep stooping lower so I can see from their perspective. I have much to discover!

      So thrilled you stopped by today, Alicia. Thank you!
      May you feel His loving arms this week.

      All for Him,

  2. these are the most precious moments! i just have to laugh at how complicated i tend to make things…and then He reminds me how simple life truly is…usually through my children. how ever did i learn about God and His Kingdom before i had children? πŸ™‚ they have taught me so much. and continue to do so, as long as i watch for my teachable moments! this morning we had such a moment around the breakfast table when hubby and i were asking the girls what they thought about having another baby around. they both said they’d like a baby brother (for daddy). daddy and i both smiled. then our eldest quickly followed up with this as she was shoveling cereal in her mouth, “but only if Jesus says its okay.” *tears started welling up* “that’s right sweetie, that’s right. only if Jesus says.” who am i to think i can just have a child? He decides that…not me. we’ve been extremely fortunate that we’ve not had the struggle of getting pregnant.. so i have become complacent about the process of having a child…i’ve taken our “good fortune” for granted. i wil leave the decision of having another child in His hands. we will make our plans, but He will guide our steps. end of this lesson…for today. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I’m glad you can laugh at yourself, too, Ginger! It amazes me God still manages to use me despite the mess I can make of things sometimes!
      And thank you for sharing your breakfast table conversation! What a lesson. Our children sure know how to put things into the proper perspective, don’t they.
      Striving with you to bend low. To see things from their child-like faith. To leave our wants and desires at the cross and see how He uses them.
      Here’s to many more teachable moments this week!
      Hugs to you!

  3. Ah – little ones! Sometimes we’re so quick to teach that we forget to stop and listen. My kids have often responded to my long explanation of some spiritual thing by telling me, “Mom, I already knew that!” We get so complicated and they can still be so simple and just know.

    • I couldn’t have said it better, Rebecca. It’s almost laughable — I’m the one that’s supposed to be teaching him. As I learn just as much if not more on this journey. What a blessing this parenting role is when we slow down and see!

      So thrilled you stopped by today, Rebecca. Thank you!

  4. How beautiful are the simple lessons these little ones teach us all the time. I love to hear Shepherd singing and humming as he plays. Even in the car he is always singing and it is so much sweeter than listening to kid videos. Loved this post and the words to the song/

    • It amazes me how it is often the simple things that lead to a big lesson for me. So blessed God continues to refine me as I journey into this role of parenting. I have so much to learn from this childlike faith right before my eyes!
      Thanks for sharing with me, today, Joy. Love the image of Shepherd singing.
      And thank you for joining me in praying my Blogger Prayer Project. You are such a blessing!

      All for Him,

    • Don’t you love how God still teaches us as we strive to teach the ones He’s left in our care? This childlike faith I witness amazes me every day.

      Striving to see Him with my eyes open wide. Just like my 4 year old. . .

  5. Oh, I love his response! So many times I am humbled by my girls as they can explain and get to the heart of the matter so easily and simply!

    • Humbled is an understatement! What an unexpected blessing of parenting. All we’re learning about our Redeemer from witnessing their childlike faith. Have an outstanding week, friend!

  6. so precious the heart and insights of your sweet boy…yes, we need Him…I was just praying Zeph. 3:17 and here you are quoting from it…love how God uses you to add an exclamation point to His words…love and hugs to you πŸ™‚

    • And you add an explanation point to me, too. Love that you prayed Zeph 3:17. I did this morning, as well! Still am pondering how to explain Mighty to Save. I want to be ready if he ever asks me to again.
      Hugs to you, friend! So glad to hear Friday went so well! Not that I had any doubt πŸ˜‰

    • If it were up to my 4YO, we would sing Mighty to Save every week in church! That and “Trading my Sorrows” and Chris Tomlin’s Our God is Greater.

      What a blessing it is to learn so much from their perspective…

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