Life to the Full

Daughter, I did not come to give you a full life.
I came to give you life to the full.
~ Holley Girth (sharing what Jesus has shown her)
You’re Already Amazing pg 130

I read this a few weeks ago and cannot stop thinking about it. You see, it took a long time for me to figure this out. That there was even a difference between the two.

It’s a journey. Discovering the difference.

Have you ever had all you needed and yet you felt empty? Hollow?

Somewhere, somehow, society leads us to believe that a full life can be achieved by having. Having friends, love, a well-respected job, money, a perfectly decorated house. That if your life could easy transfer to a magazine cover, you have accomplished it. Fullness.

I trust you have discovered the flaws in that concept. For there are far better things to strive for.

Having a life to the full. That’s one of them.

Friends, we’re built to feel a bit of emptiness within us. One only He can fill. You see, we’ve been hard-wired for heaven.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV

The desire for eternity is built into our heart. Nothing will satisfy that void this side of heaven.

A full life here in this world is impossible.

But living life to the full which leads us to an eternity with Him. Now that is something we can all achieve. He’s made sure of it. Why, He’s already paid our ransom.

And do you know what I’ve discovered? Society may not be too far off after all. It just needs to refocus on the proper having.

You see, in my journey, I’ve discovered something. I’ve determined having a grateful heart. One that sees the gifts given by Him every day and praises Him for it. This helps in seeing the life we’re given is quite full.

And so I strive to keep focused on looking. I make a point to seek Him out in my everyday. And when I express my gratitude, wouldn’t you know He’s always there. Filling that void up over and over again so I don’t feel hollow this side of heaven.

May I share with you ways He has filled me recently?

  • Spending Mother’s Day with my family (including my own mother)
  • New kitchen gloves (I’m still enjoying my quiet time at the kitchen sink)
  • The humbling experience of receiving some blogging awards from other wonderful bloggers. (they’re listed on my welcome page if you’d like to take a peek)
  • Stepping up to do the Blogger’s Prayer Project
  • I live in the freedom of God’s grace (Rom 6:14)
  • Discovering a way to tame my seasonal allergies (visit my facebook page to learn more about that)
  • Enjoying an evening outdoors with my family
  • Migraine-free weekend
  • Rumors of Water my dear friend Dolly gifted me with. What a great read.
  • The first taste of watermelon this season
  • Windows open wide at night
  • Baby birds right outside my bedroom window
  • That He has given me a purpose no one else has. It’s mine alone

How about you? How has He made your life to the full lately? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


NOTE: I was gifted with the wonderful book I mentioned at the beginning of this post some time ago. It has blessed me so much I intend to give one away within a week here. Stop back if you would like me to send you a copy!

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30 thoughts on “Life to the Full

  1. Aren’t the simple blessings the best?! As someone who used to look for more stuff and more things to be full – I absolutely love the simple joys that find me now, and the peace that comes with them 🙂

    • Oh the joys in simple pleasures! 🙂 He is a God of the details. I’m certain of it. For it is the little things that add up to glory… Thanks for sharing with me, friend!

  2. The simplest blessings are the greatest gifts if we take the time to see them and appreciate them. There is such a peace when we trust the Lord to indeed give us life to the full and not get caught up in the world’s idea of what makes our lives fulfilled, because, somehow, no matter what, we will always feel empty if we do not have Him in our hearts.

  3. “Friends, we’re built to feel a bit of emptiness within us. One only He can fill. You see, we’ve been hard-wired for heaven.” Yes! Love your heart, Nikki! Praying you have a beautiful day, as you seek Him, eyes and heart wide open!

    • Oh to become vulnerable. To experience all He has for us. Count me in! I’ll see you there : ) Thank you, Jennifer, for stopping by today and sharing with me! So blessed by your encouraging heart.

  4. Beautiful post to remind me that our purpose cannot be found by looking to the world. I have days where I just about beat myself up trying to do just that, but have to pause and remember, the purpose, the hope is in Him, who gave His life for us.

    • Oh, yes. It’s not about us, is it. It’s all Him. And when we realize that, we’re better for it. Joy pours in. hope renewed.
      Thank you for stopping by, Lori! (I’ll tweet you since you won’t see this)
      All for Him,

  5. This post means so much to me. It is in being emptied of everything that I was finally full! It is always encouraging to read from others who seek LIFE to the full.

    • Isn’t is amazing?!? This backwards way of living brings a life full of blessings. Who would have thought… So blessed to get to know you through this blogging world! Thanks for sharing with me today!
      All for Him,

  6. I am constantly amazed how God can change a life that feels almost empty when we are willing to give it to Him. He fills it up with His very best not just full but overflowing. How Great is our God! Loved reading your list on how He has recently filled yours.l

    • Oh me, too, Joy. And I pray we never lose that amazement. It is, in itself, a gift! Proof again that God is good. all the time.
      Thanks for sharing with me today, friend!
      all for Him,

  7. Well said, my friend. Have you read Ann Voskamp 1,000 Gifts? Just what I am needing in this season of learning to be present, engaged and intentional with my life and loved ones. “God is Good” is being underlined, highlighted, italicized, bolded and caps LOCKED in my heart. It screams “All the time!” I want the rest of me to scream it, too.

    • Oh yes. I’ve read it twice! It’s on my top 10 list for certain. And we are kindred on this one…here’s to us. screaming. loud and proud. ALL THE TIME!
      Thanks for stopping by, friend. You always make me smile wide.

  8. “Somewhere, somehow, society leads us to believe that a full life can be achieved by having….”

    Immediately I thought of the comparison trap…what society deems a “full life” means we have to compare our lives to a societal standard. And the enemy loves this. When he gets me thinking I don’t have what she has, or I have problems he doesn’t have to deal with, then I’m focused on everything but God and His blessings in my life.

    The problem is this is so clear to me when I’m reading and commenting, but when it’s subtly creeping into my day, it’s often harder to stop it, especially if my emotions have already taken over my common sense.

    Thank you for this thought-provoking post.
    In Christ,

    • Oh, I’m with you, Laura. It is so clear to me, too. when I’m standing back looking at it. It’s when I’m submersed in it and like you said, it subtly creeps in that I run into trouble! But don’t you think this counting gifts, seeking His blessings helps in this? I’m finding it does me. Even with my emotions…

      So thrilled you shared with me. thank you, friend!

      all for Him,

      • Yes, counting and looking for His blessings does help. Although, the past 2 weeks I’ve been so busy at work and keeping up with writing, blogging, and the online study, it has taken a backseat, and I can tell a big difference. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve slipped, but there it is…the truth. I need to make a conscious effort and get going again. Thank you for the reminder, friend!
        In Christ,

  9. I am so happy that you are enjoying L.L. Barkat’s book…thanks for the reminder that my life can only be truly full in Him…hugs to you 🙂

  10. Beautiful post. You know, this really gave me something to think about…we are made to have an emptiness inside us that only He can fill. I have heard that before. I am just thinking of some things that I can’t understand in life…that is faith, I guess, even though I can’t understand it, I need to let go and trust God to take care of it.

    I will share with you that I had another blog, but someone who hurt our family VERY badly used to read it all the time. I had made that blog private and started over and that person has not found this blog. Over the last week, I can not stop thinking about that person. I don’t know what it is. I have always prayed for them, but lately I am praying more and harder for God to let me know why it is that I keep thinking of them. I felt lead to make that old blog not private…and I did. It’s scary, but I am trusting God here that it is what needs to be right now. I had written some private posts in there, nothing I wouldn’t want anyone to read…my fil’s illness is in there and my feelings…this person is related to my husband and has no contact with the family. maybe they need to hear that my fil is crtitcally ill…

    • I’m so touched you would share with me, Theresa. And am delighted to see you heeding to that small voice within you! What a hard decision you had to make and I trust His glory will be revealed through it.

      I’m so sorry to hear your father-in-law is critically ill. I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you and this tough situation your in as well as your fil.

      And striving with you…to let go and let God. For He does things better than I ever could. Blessings to you, friend! May you feel His loving embrace today.

  11. I enjoyed this post so much! I agree with you totally. I loved the phrase you used: “hard-wired for heaven.” This really spoke to my spirit. May I quote you using this phrase?”

    • What a delight to meet you, Jerri! thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate you asking, by all means, use the phrase!

      Hope to see you again sometime. Thank you so much for stopping by!

      All for Him,

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