Keeping Faith Real ~ Five Minute Friday

It’s that time of week.
Where I join others at Lisa-Jo’s place
And we throw caution to the wind and write free
For 5 minutes time.
No back tracking or editing allowed.
It’s not necessary.
This is just me
Sharing what my heart feels when given the word prompt:


He jumps to his feet as he twirls around to see me. “Oh Mom, you scared me. I thought you were a monster.”

I’ll admit, I might sound like one while bending low to grab a sock escapee from my loaded arms of laundry.

I set my burden down to focus on his. “Bud, you don’t ever have to be scared in our house. Your dad and I will make sure of that. But I bet I did startle you, huh. Sorry about that. I should have said something.”

He goes back to building while I steady my own. Unsure if I said enough. We’ve had the monster talk dozens of times and it hurts my heart when I hear it is still an issue in his.

No one told me with this mother gig how hard it would be to teach your child to decipher between imagination and reality. For both are equally important. They easily entwine at this age. Which is why faith comes so easy.

And I see him soak up the stories of Jesus and the mystery of miracles like they are as real as you or me. And that’s what Jesus is to Him. A real friend. A real, living, mighty Savior.

The back of my mind worries if I squelch out the monsters too fast, I’ll burn the bridge of faith. Of the true reality beyond this world that is not our true home.

As I bend down again to pick up that which needs to be washed clean, I pray

Father, oh to have faith like a child. To not even question Your impression on my life. Help me to secure that in my boy, Lord. To ingrain it so deep the monsters of this world won’t penetrate it. Be his shield, Jesus. Protect his open heart. and help him see You in new ways every day. So he will always know You are real and love him more than even his imagination can conjure up…


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How about you? How do you keep faith real? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


24 thoughts on “Keeping Faith Real ~ Five Minute Friday

    • Thank you, Jamie. I’m striving — for all the men in my life (My Savior included) deserve my best. (it makes it easier that I love them all so) 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  1. this is so true!! Living that this week, in particular, as we’re here babysitting for 2 of the grandkids while one of the other 2 is having surgery. Our oldest grandson is into mythology…and, into loving Christ. So, explaining our views gets a bit tricky. Luckily I’ve discovered that he’s better grounded in reality that I had been thinking.

    • Oh, praying for the one having surgery, friend. And thinking of you as you love on those grandkids. What an amazing discovery, your grandson’s heart. Enjoy the journey of revealing more!

  2. Sweet Nikki, praying with you, for your darling boy — and, yes, that we each may have childlike faith. {Father, we give you these mother’s hearts.} Love to you this weekend, friend. Loved this sweet picture of the two of you, trusting the Father. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I must say, I enjoy how this mother gig naturally livens up my prayer life : ) I’d be lost without Him leading the way.
      All for Him with hugs to you,

  3. Ohhh, the mothering gig IS hard – I wrote a little on it too!

    The back of my mind worries if I squelch out the monsters too fast, I’ll burn the bridge of faith. Of the true reality beyond this world that is not our true home.

    Loved that . .

    • You did more than write on it, Loni. You brought perspective to it! Thank you for that (missed you last week!)
      Enjoy your weekend, friend. Will be praying for sweet Bree…

  4. Nikki, I love this. Mothering is so hard…but I didn’t believe HOW hard until I tried to do it myself. I’ll be praying for and with you!

    • So true, Mary. I’ve always thought parenting should be a college course…but who could prepare you for something like this other than our Heavenly Father? I know I wouldn’t want to try!
      Enjoy your weekend celebrating 29 years! Congrats!

  5. I loved this post. I remember for me it was about seven – the age at which I began to realise that monsters and witches were not real – but Jesus still was as a dear friend in my heart. It was at that age that I gave my life to Him. I love that you are thoughtfully and prayerfully considering these things – you are a great Mum.

  6. nikki…your beautiful mother’s heart comes through these words…keep praying and asking for wisdom…He gives all we need to help our children grow in Him…blessings and peace to you~

    • Oh, I’d be lost without Him, Ro…I mean seriously. how do people do it without His leading? So glad I don’t have to know!
      Your 5 minute write is sticking with me. thanks for urging me to dig out that classic again!

    • Thank you, Dolly. I must confess to you, this was the second one I wrote. I first wrote 5 minutes on trying to find my real self (go figure!) But as I prayed about it, I knew that one needed more work and He reminded me of this moment I had had a few days prior. . .Then I read yours and now am so thankful I followed His direction–just like you did. So blessed by you! Enjoy your weekend, friend.

  7. Hello! Having faith like a child is a concept we all need to be reminded of! Thank you for sharing you and your little one’s heart!

  8. The squelching…oh, how I participate(d) in the squelching! I wrote a Real post today, too. Nothing is Real without Him. He’s what keeps me real!

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