Fashionable Faith ~ 5 Minutes for Faith

Flickr Credit: Lawrence Whittemore

There’s no containing him. He squeals in delight as he gallops through the wet, sloppy grass. The curvy red slide calls to him like my reading chair calls to me. His hands wave with reckless abandon as if the movement will help him move faster towards his goal.

And I take that deep breath. The one where I remind myself control does not need to be mine. I can enjoy what comes my way. For there is joy to be found amidst the tall scaffolds of playground equipment.

You see, I wear worry like a fashion statement. Pain is something I try to avoid at all cost, especially when it can be inflicted on those I love. And lately, God has shown me this helmet of caution is no longer needed. In fact, He never gave it to me in the first place…


The rest of this post can be found over at my new second home.

Friends, I have been blessed with the opportunity of being a floating contributor over at 5 Minutes for Faith. It simply means I will share my heart over there monthly (if needed). I will strive to uplift moms in their faith and encourage them as they go about their everyday activities.

I am honored to join this community and would be thrilled if you would stop by today, my first day.

You can find my greeting to the readers of 5 Minutes for Faith HERE.

And you may find the rest of this post by clicking on my new sidebar button shown below:

I talk about clothing my mother heart with faith instead of worry. Clinging to Him instead of control. Will you join me? Stop on by!

How about you? How do you clothe your heart? How do you wear your faith? I’d love to hear.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


6 thoughts on “Fashionable Faith ~ 5 Minutes for Faith

  1. Congrats on the contributor opportunity! I love this picture, by the way…and yes, I tend to wear worry like a fashion statement as well…heading over to read the rest!

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