Joy Unearthed

I’ve grown to enjoy the dark. When the house is still and I have succumb to my reading chair. A night owl I am not and yet I’ve become captivated by what it brings. My senses kick into high gear, hearing sounds I’m too busy to notice in the light of day. And I’ve grown to enjoy the symphony my settling house provides.

Faint smells come to life bringing fond memories into clear view. I’ve washed this afghan countless times but haven’t faded the scent of my great-grandmother’s home. And if I close my eyes I can see her making this for me. I can hear the soft click of her crochet needles in a steady 3-4 rhythm. Her eyes seemed focused on her handiwork, but I know better. She could have made this for me in her sleep. No, she’s anticipating my wedding day, praying for the wife and mother I will become.

Lines, contours, shapes and shadows become stark in the illuminated night. I glance across the subtly lit room and see my favorite fleece throw. The one adorned with atonal notes and musical signatures. I remember vividly the day I was gifted with this thoughtful present. My Grandpa sharing with me “I just knew this was for you when I saw it.” And I smile wide when I realize every room in my home is graced with something he and my beloved Nama have given me.

It’s in the night that I write. Something I always thought I’d never be able to do. And some nights I cannot. My fingers refuse to move, my mind adds clutter to any train of thought passing by.

But every night I try. Because I know.
I know if I show up, He will too.
And even if I don’t get words to come out,
I know we’ll have a much-needed conversation.
My Savior and I.
Our standing date-night.

Sometimes I’ll ask questions and not hear an answer. And the dark of night becomes my reality.

Sometimes I’ll have no agenda and will simply be. With Him. Praising Him. Delighting in being His own. And the black of night becomes forgotten as His light surrounds me.

Sometimes I’ll carry burdens and lay them down at His feet. Striving hard to not pick them up again. And the contrast of night stings as my pain is exposed to the dark air.

Regardless of how many sometimes I encounter, not one of them is the same. With each night, my senses hone in on something new or old once forgotten.

And I’ve grown to enjoy the dark. For in that place I allow my senses to kick into high gear. There’s no telling what joy will be unearthed as a result.

You light a lamp for me.
Β The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.
Psalm 18:28 NLT

How about you? Do you find time each day/night to meet with Him? What does your standing date look like? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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30 thoughts on “Joy Unearthed

  1. oh… I feel the same about night…that’s when I write too. When I feel at home, if that makes sense. lovely view into your life, Nikki.

  2. Well, this is my second time and hope it sticks. You brought me into that cozy room and its sounds. Could almost feel that blanket. And I love my grandparents the way your treasure yours. I couldn’t write at night no matter how hard I try. The early morning hours are my standing date with Him. When all can hear is my thoughts and His voice. It is like sacred treasure I can’t wait to unearth every day.

    • I’m so bummed to hear that, Shelly! hope you’re not having trouble with comments, too…it’s so frustrating.
      Clearly early morning is working for you, friend. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m certain God delights in your standing date with Him!

  3. Such precious thoughts about your grandparents and your Savior. I loved reading about your special time with the Lord. I am an early morning girl and ever since my children were young, I have spent treasured time with Him before the sun came up. Such a blessing to be able to meet with Him any time anywhere!

    • I always thought early morning would work for me. To be honest, that would be my first choice. But my 3 year old wakes up too early if he hears me stirring about too soon πŸ˜‰ Maybe one day I’ll take back the mornings, but like you said, what a blessing God will meet us anytime, anywhere! Thanks for dropping by today, Joy!

  4. Even though night is dark and at times difficult, those are the times we tend to learn much, and sometimes it’s easier to hear and understand in the quiet of the night, when there is nothing else to see or hear but Him.

    • So true, Deidra. We do learn much in the difficult dark. and yes, distractions come to easy to me lately. So blessed to have found a moment where He can have my undivided attention! Thrilled you stopped by today, thank you for your thoughtful words!

  5. Yes! There is something about the stillness of the night that draws me deeper into His presence. I love to write at night as well. For I know when I show up, He will be there!

    • Now you, Barbie, are quite possibly a night owl. Me, I’m an owl in training πŸ™‚ So blessed to have that time of stillness. So glad you take the opportunity, too! (miss your URL…can you let me know if you’re still having trouble commenting? I’m so clueless. thank you!)

  6. I came over from Write it, Girl. I’m glad I did. What a truly precious post! Your memories took me back to memories of my own grandmother.

    I love the early morning hours with the Lord. I am not a “night owl” but I can definitely get up in the early morning hours.

    Many blessings to you!

    • Beth, I’m so blessed to have you stop by today! Your post touched me, too. Love that God will meet us anytime, anywhere. So thrilled to hear you seize the mornings for just that!
      All for Him,

  7. Loved reading this – such good descriptive words which caused me to feel what you were feeling. And such a sweet picture of your “date-night” with Jesus!

  8. Nikki,
    You found me through Heather’s Just Write and so I clicked on over and found you. The peace you wrote is beautiful. I can see your grandma knitting and you smelling the afgan. Your words brought me peace tonight and I thank you.

  9. What a treasured legacy to know that she was praying for you as she knit that afghan for you … just touched me so to read that and about the fleece from your grandfather…so glad that you are able to meet with Him and write at night…I can only write at night if God gives me a special grace to do so because usually my mind is tired at night, so when He leads at night, I know it is such a gift from Him…hugs, my friend πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes, I know the tired. And I’m the same way. sometimes, the words don’t come (like tonight). But I still show up to spend time with Him regardless. What a blessing! Love to you, friend!

  10. I tend to write mostly in the afternoon, but sometimes the night does call me to words that need life and I get pulled into the den where the dim computer light illumates the screen and words bounce off of the flat screen. Writing is a passion and it is something I must do.

    • You know, I think I would prefer the morning, too, if only my son wouldn’t hear me stirring and get up as well! So thankful I’ve found a slot of time that is working for me in the season I’m in and am grateful to know you have, too! Thanks for sharing with me!

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