Lest I Forget

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♪♫ King of my life, I crown thee now,
thine shall the glory be;
lest I forget thy thorn-crowned brow,
lead me to Calvary ♪♫

My mind wanders as we sing the words she penned. This hymn of humbled praise and remembrance. When I was first introduced to this author, I recall thinking she was my mother’s age when she shed these words for the first time. This one hymn out of her 150+.  I push back the shock when I realize that age is now closer to my own. And I join with her in longing. Yes, take me there, Jesus. Show me again what you endured for me. I don’t want to forget…

♪♫ Lest I forget Gethsemane,
lest I forget thine agony,
lest I forget thy love for me,
lead me to Calvary ♪♫

I can’t help but feel connected to her. For we wanted the same thing her and I. Sure we had different lives, different trials. Yes, Jennie was born into a Quaker family, one I know very little about. But we’re both children of the King. Striving to remember daily how much He loves us. How much life He gave up so we could simply have one. And today, we’re asking the same thing from our Savior:

♪♫ Show me the tomb were thou wast laid,
tenderly mourned and wept;
angels in robes of light arrayed
guarded thee while thou slept.

Let me, like Mary through the gloom,
come with a gift to thee;
show to me now the empty tomb,
lead me to Calvary. ♪♫

My mind wonders what gift Jennie would have brought Jesus. For she didn’t have much of material value. She was as plain as they come. I smile wide when I realize she wasn’t so different from me after all. So, what will I bring? What will my gift to Jesus at Calvary be? I have nothing. My hands are empty. All I have to give is myself. It seems Jennie and I are bringing the same thing as we plead:

♪♫ May I be willing, Lord, to bear
Daily my cross for thee;
even thy cup of grief to share,
thou hast borne all for me. ♪♫

Jennie’s cross was heavier than mine, I’m certain. I imagine the enemy used the same tricks on her as he does me, though. He’s not as creative as we may think. He could have tried daily to convince her she wasn’t worth it. I wonder if he told her all she was good for was caring for her invalid sister–one who stole her childhood away. There’s no record of her ever being married and my heart hurts while pondering what lies she was tempted to believe as truth. Maybe that she wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, good enough to be a homemaker and have children. When it comes down to it, I’m guessing her fears could have mirrored my own.

And to pen this poem in spite of her own cup-of-grief she bore. Could she have dreamed that in doing so she would help me on my own path to the cross?

I hear my son now, catching on to the tune, freely singing along with the refrain, and I wonder if he’ll ask me later what the words mean. Oh how I hope my life shows him. That my actions lead Him to Calvary…

My dear Jesus, I owe you my life. My worries and fears don’t even compare to what you went through simply for me. You saw me in that Calvary crowd at my worst. You see me for who I am today and still choose to love me. Oh how You love me. May I never forget. Father, do what you must to remind me. Whatever is blocking my view, please help me get rid of it. Take me back there however necessary. Lest I forget…

♪♫ Lest I forget Gethsemane,
lest I forget thine agony,
lest I forget they love for me,
lead me to Calvary. ♪♫

SONG: Lead Me to Calvary
WORDS: Jennie E. Hussey, 1921 — one of her first hymns written
MUSIC:  William J. Kirkpatrick, 1921 — one of his last melodies scripted
Published 1949 Hope Publishing Company — forever in our hearts

How about you? What will you bring to the cross this year? How will you ensure you won’t forget what Christ went through for you? I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


6 thoughts on “Lest I Forget

  1. isn’t it amazing? All of these “normal” lives…used for such greater purpose. Oh, that my name be added to that list. My love to you today, Nikki xoxo

    • I see your name on that list, Tara. Your writing has its own category. It blesses many and will continue to do so. And I’m certain Jennie would tell you to keep sharing that heart of yours! Hugs to you!
      All for Him,

  2. This is beautiful! It seems I’m always just bringing myself to the cross — the good, the bad, and the ugly. I love that it is a cross that can take it all. When I need to lay that awful sin down — Jesus is there. When I need to lay down my gifts of sacrifice — Jesus is there. When I need to lay down my day’s agenda — He is there. Oh glory!!!! Blessings sweet friend. Many hugs for the week ahead.

    Maybe it is me – but I can’t get in unless through twitter.

  3. So encouraging how God uses Jennie’s words to point us to Him still…so grateful for what He did..that’s so great that you are singing with your son…my post today also mentions Gethsemane…so glad we’re on the same journey…love and hugs, Nikki 🙂

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