Empty Me ~ Five Minute Friday

This is the time I allow myself.
To write raw.

Just for 5 minutes.

I’m sure that’s all you could handle reading
as we are encouraged not to edit,
backtrack, correct anything our inner being has typed.

Our fearless encourager, Lisa-Jo, tosses out a word. Just one.
And says “have at it.”

This week? The word is:


Are you ready? (Are you sitting down?)


What was once a mundane task is now filled with stories. Mystery. Smiles. Joy.

As I remember to take the extra time to dig.

My near four-year-old son who sees worthy treasure in the most mundane things has now discovered his pockets.

I find erasers shaped like vegetables and wonder what tales were being told. And smile wide when I remember him stashing this little car in deep, hoping I won’t notice it being taken to the dinner table. This rock? Oh to have eyes of a preschooler. Discovering treasures in the earth beneath our feet.

And I empty to the sound of water beating down. The wash bin rising to the task at hand. Soap ready to wash clean the stories of the day.

The task routine once again, I find myself talking to the only One listening:

Empty me, Lord. Dig deep within me. Scour every corner.
What do You see? Does it tell a story — one about You? If it doesn’t, I don’t want it. You take it.
I won’t be needing it back.

Search me, Father. Here I am. Arms held high, hands unclenched. Shower me with Your grace, Jesus.
I humbly accept Your cleansing. I want to be white as snow.
The wrinkles? The scars? You can leave them. For they tell a story. A story of hope. Grace. Redemption.
They allow me to share how I met You.

Empty me, Lord. Whatever is between us. Whatever is blocking the way of You filling me — take it. I don’t want it.
I won’t be needing it back.

I want You.

Fill me, Lord. Use me for Your glory. Let me share Your story. Your love. Your mercy.

Your way.

My selfish ambitions? My thoughts on self-worth?  Take them. I don’t want them.
I won’t be needing them back.


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How about you? What would you like the Lord to empty from You? I’d love to hear.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



30 thoughts on “Empty Me ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. “Empty me, Lord. Whatever is between us. Whatever is blocking the way of You filling me — take it. I don’t want it. I won’t be needing it back.” LOVE THIS, Nikki! So beautiful… and so obviously coming from deep in your soul!

    • Thank you so much, Paula. Always love it when you stop by and am delighted you caught a glimpse of my heart — I certainly caught a glimpse of yours with your beautiful post. Thank you!

  2. I can see Him smiling down on you as you consider the seeing through the eyes of a child… isn’t that what He wants from us… this prayer and hearts cry is so beautiful… and your writing is lovely… I loved the same quote Paula did… especially the “I won’t be needing back,” part… it really does reveal a heart surrendered to the Lord…


    • So thrilled you stopped by, Michele. Thank you. I must admit I’m striving to surrender. It’s the surrendering daily part that gets me sometimes. So blessed by His grace…
      May you delight in Him this weekend, friend!
      All for Him,

  3. “The wrinkles? The scars? You can leave them. For they tell a story. A story of hope. Grace. Redemption.”

    Your words have special meaning for me. I just finished 6 months of treatment for skin cancer. I now have two red scars on my face, near my hairline. And, yes, they do tell a story of God’s grace to me this year. I am still here.

    • Oh, Denise. I am flooded with emotions to what you have shared with me. So thrilled your time of treatment had an end date! And I feel those scars you bare as proof. I know them. Our stories might be different, but our wounds are similar.
      And I agree with you–so thankful for His grace. His redemption. His mercy. We’re proof of that. What a blessing!
      (and friend, the color will fade. with time. but I pray you never forget…)
      Hugs to you!
      All for Him,

  4. “Empty me, Lord. Whatever is between us. Whatever is blocking the way of You filling me — take it. I don’t want it. I won’t be needing it back.” Oh friend, how you use your words to cause me to dig deeper. Beautiful!

  5. such powerful imagery here, Nikki. Beautiful praise for the Father. This was wonderful Nikki, what an image of worship you have given me. Bless you, friend!

    • Love seeing your face here, Kris. What a blessing you are! Thank you for sharing with me, friend.
      May you delight in Him this weekend as you continue your journey to the cross.
      All for Him…with hugs to you

    • It sure is, Aurie! I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of seeing His creation through their eyes. What a blessing!
      Enjoy your weekend, friend! Will be praying for your family…..am so excited for you!

  6. Oh, I love this! Letting ourselves be emptied out is so hard, but yet you’re right. Those wrinkles and scars let us tell of HIs story in us.

  7. this is just beautiful…my heart and spirit prayed along with every line…does my life tell His story…wonderful…i will be pondering this…blessings to you…have a great weekend.

  8. made me smile as I thought of your little boy and his treasures…lovely transition into your relationship with God…your phrase about how our wrinkles and scars tell a story was so beautifully redemptive and encouraging…thank you, dear friend…love to you 🙂

    • You are such an encouragement to me, Dolly. Oh how you bless me so. thank you! I’m looking forward to reading yours (I will soon…I’m sure you have it posted now?)
      love and hugs to you as well! 🙂

  9. Your words here today ring so true. The most difficult is that I want cleansing, but not when it hurts. Don’t rub away those scabs. And yet, we need our whole selves cleansed to be all Him in us. And then we can finally pour. Empty first. Then pour.

    Amen sweet friend.

    • I’m with you, Danelle. I want to change. I just don’t want it to hurt. oh the growing pains…
      But you’re right. we need to be empty first. then pour.
      striving with you, friend!
      thank you so much for your encouragement. hugs to you!

  10. Beautiful words,I’m there with you, if it won’t do anything to help His kingdom I don’t want it in my life. Sometimes this is painful, bc those things He calls me to let go of and give to Him are things I think I want or need. I have to trust Him though even when it hurts.
    Thanks for sharing, you did a great job with your 5 minutes!!

    • “I have to trust Him though even when it hurts.” So true, Alecia. Striving with you to do just that! So thrilled you stopped over today. Thank you! I enjoyed meeting you! enjoy the rest of your weekend!
      All for Him,

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