Waiting Defines ~ Write it, Girl

I am so excited to have one of my favorite link-ups back for Round 2! I started blogging in November, 2011, and this link up was one of my first to take part in.

I was so excited for March. To write with my heart open wide and share among a community of others doing the same.

Then the words wouldn’t come.

Instead, I feel led to pull an old post out and share it with this community. I’m not sure why. Maybe because these words are still on my heart.


wait·ing/ˈwātiNG/ noun.

1. The act of remaining inactive or stationary. The act of delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.


It was a bittersweet day.

Sweet because I was spending the entire day with the love of my life.
Bitter because deep down in the place we don’t like to talk about,
that’s how I was feeling.

It was the day of my next milestone. The one I’d been dreading. The day I turned 30.

You see, I wasn’t where I thought I’d be. No children in the foreseeable future. Still living in a town we originally assumed was a transitional stop for us. One I felt we were at while waiting on Him. And I was tired. Tired of the questions. Tired of not knowing. Tired of the waiting game.

So much so that I had stressed my body out. I was sure of it. After all, being late only happens when I’ve done that to myself. Oh, I assured my husband that’s all it was. Multiple tests had proved it. It was me just being silly. Overreacting to the act of waiting.

My husband did a wonderful job of listening to me, reminding me of what we had talked about so many times, and encouraging me to pray about it. Even still, in all his wisdom, we stopped by the drugstore on our way home. It was my birthday after all. And what else was he  to do after I had poured out my heart and soul over fried mushrooms?

Friends, God spoke clearly to me that night. He changed my life. First with two lines that formed a positive. Then with words spoken directly to my heart.

“My child, who are you waiting for?”

And I realized. He had been saying this to me all along. It was just the first time He had my undivided attention.

You see, I had made the biggest, most common mistake with the waiting game.

I had taken the dictionary definition literally.

I had stayed still.
Become stagnant.
To the point where I had missed Him giving me directions.

I was where I was supposed to be in this earthly world, but I wasn’t where I was supposed to be in my relationship with Him, the world that matters most.

That night was nearly 5 years ago now. A lot has changed. Primarily my perspective. For when I look back at all the times I felt God telling me to wait, and observe the outcome, I see it.

God wasn’t telling me to sit still.
He was telling me to hold on tight.

He was inviting me to trust Him.
He was asking me to hope.
He was telling me I needed more time with Him first.
He was wanting me to find contentment without it.
He was offering me a refuge. A rest before the next journey.

As far as I’m concerned, Webster couldn’t be more wrong.

I believe, as Christians, we get to choose how we define waiting. Will we perceive it as a time of standing still, waiting idly by for God to move this mountain, or will we strive to meet Him in this place. To cling to Him, lean on Him with all we have and let Him carry us through this transition. For isn’t being near to Him all that matters anyway?

I’m striving to not make the same mistake. I never want to feel so apart from God again. And by His grace, I don’t have to. From now on, my definition of waiting will be:

wait·ing/ˈwātiNG/ noun.

1. The act of hoping in Him. The act of eagerly seeking Him until He blesses the next move.

Waiting. What a defining journey.

How about you? How do you define waiting? More importantly, how does waiting define you? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me. And please, click on the Write It, Girl link up button above to read more hearts open wide.

Simply striving,


31 thoughts on “Waiting Defines ~ Write it, Girl

  1. I love your definition of waiting. I agree that waiting is not about sitting still until He moves the mountain, but instead it’s about pursuing a closeness with Him, walking side by side, leaning upon Him as He strengthens us to climb the mountain. Beautifully written!

    • Thank you so much, Stacy. He does provide us with all we need, doesn’t He. You’re right. He will strengthen us to climb the mountains. All in His perfect timing. Enjoy the rest of your week~hope to see you next Tuesday!

  2. Waiting is hard, but as I’ve grown older {sigh} I’ve learned that waiting can be good, exciting even! I’ve learned to anticipate what God has in store for me, and that helps when the waiting gets mundane.

    • Aurie, you are as optimistic as they come, aren’t you. Love that about you! Yes, I’m learning the excitement of the waiting journey. Even if I’m just excited that I’m that much closer to the end 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me, friend!

  3. Amen, sister. You’ve taken such a good look at what it really means to wait, and we really get it wrong so frequently, don’t we! Grateful, so so grateful, for this post. Really needed this today.

  4. “Will we perceive it as a time of standing still, waiting idly by for God to move this mountain, or will we strive to meet Him in this place?”

    So good. I too love your definition of waiting!

  5. Wonderful! So glad you reposted this. I’m in a holding pattern with God myself, and have struggled back and forth with what is waiting on God and what is making my own way in disobedience to Him. I don’t want to just sit still thinking I’m waiting on God and then realize I’ve been missing Him all along. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  6. Hello! This met me right where I am at right now….a season of waiting. I have spent some of it clinging to Him, leaning not on my own understanding, and growing in my relationship with Him. But, I have also spent alot of this time sitting, even complaining while I sat! I am reminded just how intentional I need to be in my part. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more from you.

    • So thrilled you stopped by! Oh, it’s so hard not to complain, isn’t it. I’ve decided to complain if I must–but only to Him 🙂
      Love that you’ve spent time clinging, leaning, growing. Thank you so much for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Waiting, yes, “eagerly seeking Him until He blesses the next move.” Love this definition! Sometimes it seems waiting can take even more energy and effort than going/doing…trusting Him with the now and the unknown next…even with the in-between.

  8. “To hold on tight” — yes!
    We think nothing is happening, but we are moving, like the earth hurtling through space, at the speed of God. There is joy found in this waiting! Thank you!

  9. Oh, I loved your definition of “waiting”. I’m presently in the “waiting room” with several things, and want God to use this time to draw my heart closer and closer to His. Sometimes I get impatient and want the answer “now” – but He has so much more in mind than that. Love these words: “God wasn’t telling me to sit still. He was telling me to hold on tight.”

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing with me, Cherry! So true–God has so much more in mind. I know with all my waiting seasons, once I’ve been able to look back, I see how He shaped it to be even better than I imagined it could be had I jumped at it early. What a blessing to have Him care for the details of our life that like! Trust you hold on tight during your seasons of waiting, too. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. Beautiful post!!! I have spent many of my most recent years waiting on the Lord…and I still find myself there. But, like you, I have found beauty in the waiting. I explored this topic through my writing in October when I wrote “31 Days of Waiting.” It was so encouraging!!! I find your words encouraging today too!

    • Love that you spent 31 days exploring the waiting game, Ashley! I did a mini series on it toward the beginning of January and was so blessed by it. You are absolutely right — there is beauty to be found in waiting. So thrilled you stopped by. Thanks for sharing with me! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. I love your definition of waiting! I’m in a stage of waiting right now for a decision at my church, and it seems like it’s taking forever. But I need to view it as the act of hoping in Him.

  12. Oh, how I loved reading this. I have been in that stagnant place, that place that comes in the midst of a stressful time. Right now I feel as if I am just waking up from a time like that.

    Thank you for your words.

    • So thrilled you stopped by, Elizabeth! And thank you for sharing. Prayed for you this morning as you go through the dry season. Trust the rest of your week will be filled with all things new!

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