Chasing Silhouettes and a Prayer Request

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I have a friend named Emily. She is an amazing artist, poignant writer, selfless servant of the King of Kings.

She has fought battles like any of us have.
Maybe in ways you cannot comprehend.
Maybe you can.

Regardless, Emily is an inspiration. For she has allowed her Redeemer to turn her struggles into glory. She shares her heart open wide about this very thing on a blog titled Chasing Silhouettes. For Him. For you.

Chasing Silhouettes is a blog geared for families who desire hope and healing on the eating disorder journey. Emily has written a book, “Chasing Silhouettes: How To Help A Loved One Who’s Battling an Eating Disorder,” being released Summer 2012, and this blog is an accompaniment to the book.

I am incredibly honored to be sharing one of my previous posts on Chasing Silhouettes today. My regular readers might remember the post being titled “What’s Not to Love“.

Would you do me a favor?
Would you please pray with me for those that will be stopping by Chasing Silhouettes today?
That God will use my words for His glory?
Pray they will hear what God has been saying to them all along:
Oh how He loves them

Thank you so much. Please feel free to stop by Chasing Silhouettes today. You may find my post by CLICKING HERE.

And while you’re at it, could I ask you to pray for Emily and her family as well? They have had some extenuating circumstances as of late that has nearly doubled the size of their beloved family. Prayers are greatly appreciated as they settle into their new normal. You may read more about this by clicking on the button below.

FOR THOSE STOPPING BY VIA CHASING SILHOUETTES, WELCOME! I did write about the day following this night of clarity. If you’d like to read a bit more about my journey, you may CLICK HERE.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


NOTE: Emily doesn’t know I’m saying all this. She didn’t ask me to. I have used some of Emily’s own words while describing her beloved website and hope she doesn’t mind for I couldn’t say it any better.


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