He Aches for me ~ Five Minute Friday

I loved Lisa-Jo’s intro this week:

Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right or not. So we take five minutes on Friday and write like we used to finger paint. For joy in the process. No matter how messy the result.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking


2. Link back here and invite others to join in.


OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on:



Deep breath…because here I go!

I know it well. When you have to quit sports at the age of 16 because you hurt all the time, you learn fast. Juvenile arthritis is not something you want the doctor to say as a probable cause.

But physical aches do not compare to the matters of the heart. The sense of longing felt only in your soul. There’s a reason heartache is the only ache allowed as one word.

It hurts the most.

And I think of Jesus on that rough-sawn lumber. With slivers, thorns, and metal piercing — causing pulsing pain. Feeling every muscle in His broken body.

He knew pain. And He ached, too.

Then the only One who had never let Him down in His entire life, His Father, looked away. Left Him alone on that cross to suffer. Oh, the forsaking ache He must have felt.

I’ve often wondered why God had to do that. Why He had to look away.

But nothing compares to the longing felt only in your soul. Heartache can be unbearable. And sin causes just that.

If He hadn’t looked away, there’s no telling what would have happened to redemption. I can imagine He wanted nothing more than to take His pain away. To hold Jesus in His arms and whisper healing to His hurt. Tell Him He didn’t deserve to pay for crimes He never committed.

But God loves more than His only sinless Son.

For reasons I cannot fathom,
He aches for me, too.


Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



39 thoughts on “He Aches for me ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Juvenile arthritis? oh no…how the body aches this world…and what a comfort to know that even in our ache we are understood fully by the one who made us. great thoughts Nikki, as usual 🙂

    • So thankful it ended up being a miss-diagnosis! I have Hashimoto’s and am so grateful to have found a treatment to take the ache away! To God be the glory…

      Tara–your post from earlier this week was the first thing I thought of when I saw today’s prompt. So glad you linked it up for it deserves to be read (and for me, read again). Thank you!

  2. So sorry for your arthritis…chronic pain…i have known that path…oh grace to you…and yes..such a dear thought…He aches for each one of us…blessings to you…have a great weekend.

    • Thank you so much, Roseann! Am so blessed to discover it was a miss-diagnosis. I have Hashimoto’s which is more treatable! I’m sorry you have known that path, friend…
      I’m thrilled you stopped by. Enjoy your weekend as well!

  3. Oh wow! This was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been reading through the gospels this year, and this picture is so much more real to me. God bless. Linking up through the Gypsy Mama!

  4. Beautiful post, Nikki! (As always) 🙂 You took me there… I felt his ache. So thankful He was willing to go through all of the aching for us!

  5. Lovely post friend – and I’ve wondered why He couldn’t spare His son the pain. I’m so thankful for Jesus for suffering that pain, and for God using that pain to release us from sins.

  6. This was beautiful. *heart cries….with gratitude. He did not deserve to die; He did not have to die; yet He did…all for love.
    I am reminded of a passage from a book that is quoted in Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris ( I do not remember the exact book Mr. Harris is quoting) that I want to share here…it just seems to fit so well:

    “…as you read, refuse to let the scene be familiar. Let its reality shock you and break your heart.

    ‘The face that Moses had begged to see-was forbidden to see-was slapped bloody (Exodus 33:19-20). The thorns that God has sent to curse the earth’s rebellion now twisted around his own brow…..

    “On your back with you!” One raises a mallet to sink in the spike. But the soldier’s heart must continue pumping as he readies the prisoner’s wrist. Someone must sustain the soldier’s life minute by minute, for no man has this power on his own. Who supplies breathe to his lungs? Who gives energy to his cells? Who holds his molecules together? Only by the Son do “all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17). The victim wills that the soldier live on—He grants the warriors continued existence. The man swings.
    As the man swings, the Son recalls how he and the Father first designed the medial nerve of the human forearm-the sensations it would be capable of. The design proves flawless-the nerves perform exquisitely. “Up you go!” They lift the cross. God is on display in his underwear and can scarcely breathe.
    But these pains are a mere warm-up to his other and growing dread. He begins to feel a foreign sensation. Somewhere during this day an unearthly foul odor began to waft, not around his nose, but his heart. He feels dirty. Human wickedness starts to crawl upon his spotless being-the living excrement from our souls. The apple of his Father’s eye turns brown with rot.
    His Father! He must face his Father like this!
    From heaven the Father now rouses himself like a lion disturbed, shakes his mane, and roars against the shriveling remnant of a man hanging on a cross. Never has the Son seen the father look at him so, never felt even the least of his hot breath. But the roar shakes the unseen world and darkens the visible sky. The Son does not recognize these eyes.
    “Son of Man! Why have you behaved so? You have cheated, lusted, stolen, gossiped-murdered, envied, hated, lied. You have cursed, robbed, overspent, overeaten-fornicated, disobeyed, embezzled, and blasphemed. Oh, the duties you have shirked, the children you have abandoned! Who has ever so ignored the poor, so played the coward, so belittled my name? Have you ever held your razor tongue? What a self-righteous, pitiful drunk-you, who molest young boys, peddle killer drugs, travel in cliques, and mock your parents. Who gave you the boldness to rig elections, foment revolutions, torture animals, and worship demons? Does the list never end! Splitting families, raping virgins, acting smugly, playing the pimp-buying politicians, practicing exhortations, filming pornography, accepting bribes. You have burned down buildings, perfected terrorist tactics, founded false religions, traded in slaves-relishing each morsel and bragging about it all. I hate, loathe these things in you! Disgust for everything about you consumes me! Can you not feel my wrath?”
    Of course the Son is innocent. He is blamelessness itself. The Father knows this. But the divine pair have an agreement, and the unthinkable must now take place. Jesus will be treated as if personally responsible for every sin ever committed.
    The Father watches as his heart’s treasure, the mirror image of himself, sinks drowning into raw, liquid sin. Jehovah’s stored rage against humankind from every century explodes in a single direction.
    “Father! Father! Why have you forsaken me?!”
    But heaven stops its ears. The Son stares up at the One who cannot, who will not, reach down or reply.
    The Trinity had planned it. The Son endured it. The Spirit enabled him. The Father rejected the Son whom he loved. Jesus, the God-man from Nazareth, perished. The Father accepted his sacrifice for sin and was satisfied. The Rescue was accomplished.’
    Don’t move to quickly from this scene. Keep gazing.”

    It was all for love.

    • Melanie,
      Thank you doesn’t seem to cut it. I’m honored you would take the time to share with me.
      I had to read it twice. What a gripping depiction of what my Savior endured. for me. for love.
      Thank you for blessing me today. For drawing me closer to my Redeemer. Blessings to you as well!
      All for Him,

  7. Oh, so beautiful. “but God loves more than His only sinless Son” – love that line! It seems like the older I get, the more I start to appreciate some part of how painful that sacrifice must have been.

  8. That moment when the Father looked away from the cross. It’s a moment that quickly gets lost in the story of the cross. But it’s so important, so powerful. I love the way you slowed the story, just long enough to reflect on that one pivotal moment, which was probably the worst ache Jesus could have felt.

    Powerful post, Nikki.

    • Thank you so much, Denise. You bless me so. It’s a part of the story I cannot seem to stop thinking about this week. All that pain. .. for me.

  9. That breaking of the Father’s heart — I can’t even imagine. It reminds me of the darkness of sin, the reality of what I look like, who I am, without Jesus taking it all away. Yes, that would be hard to look at, especially when all the world’s sin are on Jesus — past present, and future– as He hangs, willingly, on the cross. Heartbreaking. Excruciating. How much the Father and Jesus endure for us! Thank you so much, Nikki.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Jennifer. I cannot seem to read passed this part of the story lately. I think I need to linger long on the realization that They love me like that. enough to endure more than I can even fathom…
      what grace. what love.

      thanks for helping me try to depict it — your words bless me. thank you!

    • You’re right. Christ did have to take on the sins of the world, while on the cross. How awful! That’s why he cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”. God can’t be around sin and at the time, Jesus was carrying all of that sin.
      Nikki, if you want to have a Bible study, maybe I can explain it to you even more.
      Sweet post! You have a good heart!

      • Thank you so much, Holly, for stopping by and sharing with me! I do know it was the sin that separated Christ from His Father that day…but it breaks my heart to know He wasn’t able to even look at Him for grace through it… I know it had to be that way, I just don’t like it. does that make sense? So thankful it’s not that way for us — that I can meet His gaze and ask for mercy…

  10. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to deal with chronic pain so young and for so long, and nor can I imagine the suffering that Jesus went through on the cross as His beloved Father turned away for the first and only time…yes, there is no ache like heartache, and yet He did it for His great love for us…deeply touching post, my friend. Hugs to you and Happy Friday 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Dolly, for sharing your thoughts with me. You’re such a faithful friend 🙂
      We all have our experience with pain in one form or another. I’m certain any I have endured is no different than what you have as well. Regardless, it’s so much easier when you can share it with someone. . . .
      Enjoy your weekend, friend! love to you!

  11. What a fantastic post! The ache, the pain, the humiliation ALL for us. I’m so thankful he was willing. I’m so thankful he overcame it. I’m just so thankful…

    • It’s overwhelming when you think about it, isn’t it Stefanie. We have much to be thankful for — that is for certain!
      I thoroughly enjoyed your post. those growing aches and pains we all endure… I’ve noticed they hurt worse when we try to stop them. submission seems to be the best ointment…
      I’m thrilled you stopped by — thank you for sharing your time with me!
      May you delight in Him this weekend ~ Enjoy!

  12. Nikki,

    Nice 5 minute write. I tried to slowly read it in 5 minutes to catch your thoughts better and it was a deep experience. Thanks for sharing.

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