Holding On

Have you ever visited any of the 5Minutesfor______ sites? I believe there are eight of them ranging from 5MinutesforGoingGreen to 5MinutesforSpecialNeeds. Each provide regular posts that strive to encourage you on that particular journey. And bonus– every post can be read in five minutes or less. My kind of reading!

I’m completely honored, humbled, and thrilled to be sharing some thoughts over at 5MinutesforFaith today. (Can you believe they’re letting me do that?!?)

I’m sharing something I’ve striven for recently. Something I tend to make more complicated than it has to be.

Here’s a sneak peek:

They were my favorite phy-ed days. No climbing ropes required. No relays necessary. I didn’t have to sweat. I simply had to hold on.

And I was good at it. I could hold that wooden rung with the best of them.


I’m not sure when my thoughts shifted. When holding on tight began to show signs of weakness instead of strength. When clinging to someone suddenly held negative connotations…

Want to read the rest? I’d love it if you joined me over at 5MinutesforFaith! Please click on the button below. And if you have time to comment, I’d be thrilled. I’d love to hear how you’re holding on tight.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



4 thoughts on “Holding On

  1. You are a blessing, to your friends here on this blog, and to those who will find you through 5MFF. I am thankful your lives crossed paths in blogging. I am holding on tight to Him today, trusting and believing that He is good, no matter what!

    • Thank you so much, my dear friend. You just keep giving and giving…you bless me so.
      Thrilled we’re on the same journey of holding on tight! Trust you see your faith muscles strengthening as a result–I know I have!

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