Love Like This {Jehovah Qanna}

Photo Credit: Johntex

Happy Valentines Day!

I trust you have found a special way to celebrate the Greatest Commandment today — to love.
Please, share your traditions with me! I’d love to hear.

I’d also love it if you’d join me over at My Freshly Brewed Life today.


I started reading My Freshly Brewed Life long before I started blogging myself. Barbie’s blog has always been an encouragement to me.

Shortly after I started blogging, I mentioned Barbie in This Post. I’m so glad I finally got brave enough to contact her and let her know I did so for it began a friendship I value greatly.

Barbie is a tremendous, encouraging friend
who has a selfless heart fueled by His glory.

It humbles me to have Simplystriving featured on her blog this month. She’s selfless like that. And today I have the privilege of sharing a post with her readers which I’ll admit, I’m a tad nervous about.

Friends, it would mean the world to me if you’d join me over there today.

I’m sharing about love.
Jealous love.

Here’s a sneak peek:

The full moon hangs heavy on the horizon. It burns amber, gleaming through the thin clouds trying to conceal its beauty. My breath escapes me as I wind around the lake, its reflection setting the water’s surface ablaze. I’m completely captivated as I realize

The very God that hung this moon
Whose hand spun it into orbit
is jealous for me.

Click on the button below to read more:

So, will you join me? Would you even be willing to let me know you did?

You’d make my Valentine’s Day. As I would certainly feel loved. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me us.

Simply striving,


6 thoughts on “Love Like This {Jehovah Qanna}

  1. i have a strange request. 🙂 i would LOVE to read this post, but i can’t seem to get onto barbie’s blog…it keeps stalling out. so my strange request is this…could you email me a copy of your post? i’ll keep trying to get onto her blog, but if you get a chance and feel so inclined, i’d really appreciate a copy! love ya!!!

    • I’m sorry, Ginger! Barbie’s been having some server issues. She’s been working on it. I’m not sure if you’re on Explorer or Chrome? I think those are the culprits. . .
      Regardless, I emailed you the post, and if you want to give Barbie’s blog another try, I know Firefox is working! 🙂 thanks for letting me know! (and for wanting to read my spilled words)…..
      love to you!

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