Confessions of a Stubborn Gal

Confession: I had a post ready to go this morning. It was an “about me” post. And late at night I lost the nerve and cancelled it as I was certain no one would want to read anything about me in that type of format. I even deleted it. That’s how sure I was. Then my friend, Barbie, made me feel differently this morning.

Yesterday, I read something I cannot get out of my head. The post was from TheGypsyMama — you can find it HERE. Lisa-Jo mentioned a variety of things she doesn’t do well and a number of things she does brilliantly. It resonated with me particularly because I was sure I wouldn’t be able to come up with that many things I do well.

And that bothers me as there has to be plenty of things I do exceedingly well. For I know my Creator didn’t hold back while making me.

So, here I am. Forcing myself to give it a try. Will you show me some grace as I bare some confessions with you?



I tend to get in the way of my own successes. I’m stubborn like that.

I tend to assume I know what’s best most of the time. I’m naïve like that.

I tend to delay my reactions to an argument or a clear opportunity sometimes until it’s too late. I’m slow like that.

I tend to procrastinate at doing things I don’t enjoy. I’m lazy like that.

Even though I know His plan is always best, I still argue with God. I’m selfish like that.

Mud puddle splashing, wet sandbox playing, and messy crafting all make my face twitch. But I don’t let that stop my son’s enjoyment of them. I’m determined like that.

Although I struggle with patience, praying for it every morning manages to make me succeed at keeping it. I know where my help comes from. And I’m not afraid to ask for something like that.

My children and husband know I love them. I tell and show them multiple times every day. I’m dedicated like that.

When I tell my husband I could live anywhere God takes us and not complain, I mean it. I can make any house feel like home. I’m not afraid of change. I enjoy a challenge like that.

I have no trouble finding the positive side of a situation or potential in anyone. I’m gifted like that.

Forgiveness comes easy for me as I’m blessed by grace every day and know it. I’m a sinner like that.

I can read my son like a book. With each expression clearly bookmarked. I’ve invested my time like that.

Disciplining is extremely difficult for me (I’d rather just forgive). But I make sure to take the proper opportunities. No matter how much it hurts me. I can love like that.

If I tell you I’m going to pray for you, I do. More than once. I’m sincere like that.

I can build a train track with the best of them. My son is always amazed when I make his curvy drawing come to life. It’s a puzzle challenge for me and I enjoy things like that.

Stopping everything to play with my child is something I make sure to do every day. Not because I’m procrastinating, but because I know a day will come when that won’t be an option. I’m aware of reality like that.


Talking about myself does not come easy for me. But I’m striving to make sure that doesn’t interfere with me being transparent with you. I appreciate you like that.


We both made it through! Thank you for allowing me to share but a glimmer of me–the stubborn gal.

How about you? What are you good at? I know you have plenty. I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


23 thoughts on “Confessions of a Stubborn Gal

  1. Hi Nikki, what a great post!

    Like you, talking about myself does not come easy for me. I struggle with finding something I think someone might be interested in hearing about me. I tend to be a private person. I am who I am, no need to talk about it kind of thing. (You can imagine how I dread resumes and interviews! lol)

    So, having said that, I’m going out on a limb here. 🙂 I never thought I would be leading any kind of Bible studies, but since last year, I am. And I really like it. Also, I’m gaining confidence in my writing skills. God has blessed me with writing opportunities I never thought I’d have, and kind words from others that I feel I can believe and trust.

    Oh, and patience is not my gift either, but with God’s help, I’m working on it.

    Thank you for sharing. Your honestly is so encouraging!
    In Christ,

    • Oh, Laura, you and I could become fast friends! I sweat bullets during interviews or even writing a resume for the very reason you describe.
      Thank you so much for going out on a limb for me! And I’m so proud of how you’re allowing God to work through you. You are touching so many lives! I’m blessed to “know” you 🙂
      All for Him,

  2. This was a great post! It’s so scary to put yourself out there – but oh my! When you are real and authentic it makes all the difference, my friend 🙂

    I am a control freak. Not proud of it, but it’s the way that I’m wired and I’m working on it. Slowly……

    • Hmm…look at how I glazed over being a control freak 🙂 well, maybe because my freakish nature is selective…It seems I am only controlling in certain areas 🙂

      And you make being real and authentic look easy! Thanks for inspiring me to keep striving!

  3. Please forgive me Nikki, I’m afraid you get that from me. I do not like to talk about what I am good at, I guess I always found that bragging and I have been around enough braggers to know I did not want to be like them. It is a whole lot easier for me to tell people what I am not good at. But you have such a beautiful way with words, this was a transparent post about you, but you know and admit where all the glory goes. Praise the Lord. Thanks tor sharing. You make a mother proud and that I will brag about. Love you!

    • Haha—forgiven and forgotten, mom. (and yes–my hands were all clammy as I was nervous this would come across as bragging…such a fine line)
      And something tells me there’s a few things on my list I get from you 😉
      Thank you for stepping out of your comfort level to share with me! I appreciate the encouragement you give me to keep striving. Thank you.
      Love you, too!

  4. God has gifted me to be a teacher.
    God has gifted me to be an encourager.
    God has gifted me to be a good listener.
    God had gifted me to be an organizer.
    God has gifted me to be a writer.

    I love this post, Nikki! It’s so good to dwell on the good things God has created in us. Proud of you for posting it.


    • I’m proud of you, too, Katie.
      Thank you for sharing such a gifted list with me. God sure knew what He was doing when He made you just the way you are! You touch so many lives–mine included. Thank you!

  5. Nice to get to know you (more) Nikki 🙂

    Like you, talking about myself is not an easy task…

    Also, I never thought I would be blogging and writing but I am loving it.

    These are just but a few things that I am sharing with you for now. Blessings!

  6. Beautiful! I pray that writing this list blessed you as much as it did me for reading it. So much of what you wrote resonates with me. I may just have to print this one and hang it on the fridge for daily reminders!

    You are a beautiful child of God! And, no, He did not hold back on you at all!

    • Thank you so much, Jamie! I have to admit, it was very hard to write, but slightly liberating which made up for it : )
      (and I loved your Tune-in-Tuesday post…will try to comment again when I’m off Chrome)

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us. I am so enjoying getting to know you.

    I am good at eating chocolate! : ) I have found a love and passion for writing and encouraging others. I am good at wanting to be organized. I am a great defender of those I love!

  8. Fantastic! I love that you did the things you aren’t good at as well… I’m not as good with that because I tend to beat up on myself TOO much! I did the same thing in my blog yesterday, and it really had a great affect on the rest of my day – as well as today. I’m hoping the spirit carries me through the week. Keep it up, I love reading these!>

  9. This was incredible…I felt like I got to know you a little better so I really appreciate that you took the risk to do that and share with us. Hugs to you, Nikki 🙂 Your husband and son are blessed to have you… don’t shrug…I see you… they are 🙂

  10. Oh girl, I love the realness of this post. And I too read Bonnie’s post last night, very late, just after I had published my post. And I lay in bed tossing and turning, knowing that I too had to write a post similar to what you and Bonnie have done. Yet, the words aren’t there yet. Or perhaps they are, but I am having a hard time believing them. So, hold me accountable. You shall see that post soon!

    • Oh, I feel you. It will be hard to hold you accountable as I know how difficult it is! (and honestly? I feel like I still held back **SIGH**).
      We’re striving, right? : )
      Thanks for your encouragement, friend!

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