Praying Through Proverbs ~ for Me

I must admit, I have grown to enjoy praying. Praising my Savior comes easy for me. Praying for my family, friends, and others is something I look forward to doing daily.

But praying for myself? That’s where I still struggle. And I’ve spent this week trying to figure out why.

I’d like to say I’m too humble. That would be an easy answer. It’s the excuse I always used while prepping for a job interview– when you’re supposed to talk about yourself. I sweat bullets. It’s not easy for me. But, really, that’s not the reason.

For humble is one thing and vulnerable is another.
And I think I fear the latter.

Oh but I’m striving to change that.

This week, while praying through Proverbs, I intentionally prayed more for myself than I normally do. For this is one fear I need to get over. I want to be vulnerable with my Savior. To freely offer my heart open wide. For that is when molding and shaping is at its finest. It’s prime. And I want to allow the artist in my Creator to shine. In me.

So while reading through the Proverbs each day, my prayers (for me) went something like this:

A gentle answer deflects anger,
but harsh words make tempers flare.
Proverbs 15:1

Father, this has been a tough week for me. Please help keep this verse on my mind so I remember to breathe deep and draw out those words hidden below the flares.

Those who listen to instruction will prosper;
those who trust the Lord will be joyful.
Proverbs 16:20

Lord, I want nothing more than to have my ears tuned to the proper instruction. May I keep my gaze on You today so I can hear what You have for me. I give this day to You, Father. You lead the way. I’ll follow. Joyfully.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.
A truly wise person uses few words;
a person with understanding is even-tempered.
Proverbs 17:22, 27

You have blessed me with so much, Lord. More than I deserve or ever imagined. I have nothing to fear. Today, I will delight in You. Let praise be on my mind so my actions reflect You.

Rumors are dainty morsels
that sink deep into one’s heart.
Spouting off before listening to the facts
is both shameful and foolish.
A gossip goes around telling secrets,
so don’t hang around with chatterers.
Proverbs 18: 8 & 13; 20:19

Help me stay away from this temptation, Father. There’s no one worth talking about, only people worth talking to. About You.

Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good;
haste makes mistakes.
To acquire wisdom is to love oneself;
people who cherish understanding will prosper.
Sensible people control their temper;
they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.
Proverbs 19: 2, 8, 11

I want to slow down today, Lord. Reflect on You. Learn to love me. Will you help me? Just as You are helping me keep my cool this week by reminding me of these verses (like vs 11 here). Thank You, Lord. What an answer to prayer.

The Lord directs our steps,
so why try to understand everything along the way?
Proverbs 20:24

You know this one is a challenge for me. But I’m up for the challenge. I’ve said it all week and I’ve meant every word. You lead the way, Lord. I will follow. I’ll let you take care of the details. I’ll simply trust and obey. Joyfully. For there’s no other way…

How about you? How do you pray for you? I’d love to hear and learn from you!

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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23 thoughts on “Praying Through Proverbs ~ for Me

  1. I don’t take enough time to pray for myself. I forget that it’s simply taking the scripture and making it personal to me. Thank you for the reminder to continue to edify myself through His Word! Love that you are linking this series up to Fresh Brewed Sundays!

    • Thank you, Barbie! There is comfort in knowing I’m not the only one who neglects this sometimes… And thank YOU for letting me link this series up to your lovely Fresh Brewed Sundays. It’s a highlight of my week!

  2. Hi Nikki, I found your blog through Barbie @ Fresh Brewed Sundays. Like Barbie, I don’t take time to pray for me, it’s always family – others first.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder.

    All good things,

  3. Hello! I am stopping by from Barbie’s blog.
    What a great post on prayer. God has convicted me to pray and pray for all people and all things 24/7. I do pray for myself but not as often as I should. This is a great reminder for me to do so.

    Thanks for this reminder.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by! It is easy to forget about ourselves sometimes, isn’t it. You have a wonderful ministry in praying. Thank you for following His calling for you.
      To God be the glory!

  4. You are a breath of fresh air for me!! How I love those prayers – so honest and true and needed! I pray that He hears you and meets you right where you need him!

  5. Good for you, Nikki, for taking the time to dig deep with God and to know that He cares about you as well as for others, so it is great that you are praying for yourself as well as others… I could relate as I read your opening paragraphs… Shipped the book to you on Sat. so hopefully, it will get to you by Wed : )

    Thanks for sharing your prayers and the wisdom found in Proverbs…so wonderful!

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  7. I understand where you are coming from. I also have trouble buying things for myself. I go to the store to buy myself clothes but come out with things for my husband or kids… This is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have trouble buying things for myself, too! I won a gift card recently to a clothing store and have still not spent it because I’m struggling. My husband won’t let me spend it on anyone else but me. One would think that would be easy! So glad you get that. . . Thank you! 🙂

  8. Praying Psalms over me and my family has taught me so much about how to pray. Last year, while reading Song of Solomon, I thought, talking to God is sometimes like sitting in the chair in my bedroom talking to my husband away from it all – and pouring out my heart to him. I love what you’re doing. I want to do Proverbs like that – and your choices – it was like they were chosen just for me, too – especially: A truly wise person uses few words; – I need to do that more with my teens – use few words when making a point. For a word person,that is like trying to stop a flash flood! You so blessed me today – each prayer, each scripture hit a need!

    • Oh, thank you so much for sharing with me! This is a new journey for me and I cannot believe how much it is blessing me and strengthening my prayer ilfe! I’m going to move into Praying the Psalms next month I think…

  9. Nikki – I love your prayers. I believe that praying through the scriptures helps to strengthen our prayer life. As far as praying for oneself, consider the Psalms that David penned and the many prayers he prayed for himself. Sometimes we may think of praying for ourselves as being selfish, but God wants us to come to Him with our petitions and needs.

    Many blessings,

    • Thank you so much, Joan, for your encouragement. Yes, I plan on moving to Praying the Psalms next month as praying through Proverbs has helped me tremendously. Over time, I’m sure I’ll get comfortable praying for my own flesh and blood….
      All for Him,

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