Praying Proverbs for Your Children

I’m striving to become my family’s biggest prayer warrior this year. And I’m finding that using The Word helps my prayers become more intentional. Purposeful.

I’ve been reading a Proverbs every day — the one that matches the day of the month and it is amazing me how it is helping my prayer life. This, along with my friend Barbie’s Fresh Brewed Sundays challenge, inspired I share my process with you.

Of praying through Proverbs. Intentionally. For my family and friends.

Last week, I showed how I pray for my husband (you can view the post HERE).

This week, while reading Proverbs 8-13, I had my son in mind (among others). And wouldn’t you know, I had no trouble finding verses to pray for him as well.

Here are a few examples from the week:

“And so, my children, listen to me (Wisdom),
for all who follow my ways are joyful.
Listen to my instruction and be wise. Don’t ignore it.
Joyful are those who listen to me, watching for me daily…
For whoever finds me finds life
and receives favor from the Lord”
Proverbs 8:32-35 NLT

“People who despise advice are asking for trouble;
those who respect a command will succeed.
Walk with the wise and become wise;
Associate with fools and get in trouble.”
Proverbs 13: 13, 20 NLT

While I’m reading, I tend to jot down a few words to help me remember. These words made it to my prayer journal based on these verses:

  • Wisdom’s pathway leads to  joy
  • listen, watch
  • Seek the Lord
  • Heed advice
  • Respect command
  • Friends/associations

And when done reading, I turn to Him:

Father, you have blessed me with a wonderful boy. One who is growing and learning so much it often overwhelms me! I’m honored to be called his mother and want to glorify You in how we raise this child of Yours. May he grow up striving for wisdom, listening to proper instruction, respecting those in command so he will experience the gift of joy You give. May he desire to seek You at an early age and continue to learn the path You have in mind just for him. May he find fruitful friends that seek the same desire to glorify You so he will not be easily burdened. Help me, Lord, as I strive to be an effective example of Your will. For Your glory. Grant me wisdom and discernment so my instructions will reflect You and You alone. . .

How about you? How do you pray for your child or loved one? I’d love to hear and learn from you.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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11 thoughts on “Praying Proverbs for Your Children

  1. I was so glad to read your post this morning! Here’s an area I am at leaston the right track with! Your ideda of praying it is so delightful! I can do that! I have been reading the Proverb for the day for a few years now & love how something different jumps out at me every month! I had purposed to disect something out of each day. But this that you suggesst would even take it to a higher level! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I prayed the Psalms all through my husband’s internship. It is amazing how God can really speak to you in different situations. The best thing we can do for our children is to pray for them!

    • Ooh, praying through the Psalms. I love that challenge! Think I’ll do that after I’m comfortable praying through Proverbs — thank you! You’re right. Prayer is my most powerful tool. I’m determined to flex my prayer muscles for my children.

      Thanks for stopping by, Lindy!

  3. I tried to comment, but I’m afraid to got lost. Maybe not! I prayed the Psalms through my husband’s internship. It was always amazing how God could speak to a specific situation. The best thing we can do as parents is pray for our kids. Great post.

  4. Nikki, I am Linda and it is nice to meet you! I think it is such a privilege to pray for others. My husband and I are in our 60’s and we love to pray for people in our daily devotion time.

    We pray for our grandsons in the same way you are praying for your son. And we of course also pray for our granddaughters, and all of their parents. We pray for family and friends and church members and neighbors, and blog friends and facebook friends. The list just keeps growing. (:>)

    I linked up with Barbie today too. She is such a sweetie. Come over to my place for a visit if you can.

    Have a blessed day!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Linda! I love that you and your husband pray together for those you love. What a blessed time!

      I did stop by your lovely blog and thoroughly enjoyed your poem. It’s such a blessing to link up to Barbie’s Freshly Brewed Sundays so I can meet people like you!

      To God be the glory,

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