Arms Open Wide ~ Five Minute Friday

I’m taking on the Five Minute Friday Challenge today. No editing. Just writing for 5 minutes straight on the topic of:



It’s late. Too late for my eyes to be open this wide. I lay still, as cozy as can be and invite sleep to come my way. I’m ready.

Minutes later I accept God’s invitation to talk with Him. I share with Him once again my one word for 2012. The one I’m striving to master and thank Him for His grace. For always giving me another chance to give it one more try.

My thoughts trickle back to the evening I’ve had. Son up way past bedtime for no reason other than he wasn’t ready to welcome sleep. (I try to remember when I made the switch to accept and welcome this necessity.)

A smile forms on my lips as I remember when he finally accepted it this day. Arms open wide, grin pushing towards a smile as he proclaims, “Okay, Mom. I’m ready. One more hug?”

I open my arms just as wide to accept his proposal. An exhale of relief accompanies my blessings for a peaceful rest. And I linger long to watch my son drift into bliss.

The hair on the back of my neck starts to tingle and I’m brought back into the present as God is confirming in me that He knows how I feel.

There my Savior stands. Every hour of every day with His arms open wide. Ready and waiting for me to accept His proposal: For Grace. To take His yolk and rest. To abide in Him and find peace. To walk with Him and find an eternity of bliss.

I smile wide. As His child I smile wide and in every way possible this day I jump in His open arms.

Yes, Lord. I will walk into this open door of the New Year and live it as you have intended it to be. The life you designed just for me.


Thank you for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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