Prepare Him Room

 ♪♫ Joy to the world, the Lord has come!
Let earth receive her King.
Let every heart prepare Him room,
and heaven and nature sing… ♪♫

The lyrics flow so freely off my lips I almost miss it.

I haven’t needed words displayed to sing this song for 15 years or more, but they were in front of me this day. And I glanced down at them just in time.

My eyes focus intently on the portion I need to linger on:

Let every heart prepare Him room.

And I feel my heart saying:

Make room for the Lord. No, more than that.
Prepare a place for Him. His very own room.

Heaven will sing. Nature will rejoice. There will be joy.

Now, Jesus has taken residence in my heart longer than I’ve had this song memorized. But has He had His very own room prepared? One that remains His? A permanent place?

I must confess, I’ve shuffled Him around from time to time. At the mere excuse of fleeting convenience.

But I’m striving to change that.
I want Him to be my guest of honor.
Every day.
He deserves to have His own room prepared.

He’s doing as much for me.

John 14:2-3

2 My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. (NIV)

He’s preparing a place. Just for me. Just for you.
No excuses. Nothing else taking precedence. But us.

I’m so blessed. For I am incredibly loved and pampered over.

I sure can learn a lot by His example.

My eyes glance back down to the lyrics of a song I’ve heard with my ears so many times, but have never heard in my heart until now. And I see it. Right there in black and white.


The words jump from the page:

Joy! The Lord has come! The Savior reigns!
His blessings flow. Sin and sorrow grow no more.
Fields, floods, rocks, hills, plains…resound joy.
His Truth. Grace.
Glorious righteousness.
His wondrous love.
Repeat the joy. Repeat the sounding joy.

Yes, He deserves a room prepared in the depths of my soul. One that takes precedence. No more excuses.

Lord, please, come in. I have Your room prepared.
This life that I have made? The one I prepare for each day?
It’s Yours. All of it. For keeps…

How about you? How do you prepare Him room? I’d love to hear. 

Thanks for sharing your time with  me.

Simply striving,


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27 thoughts on “Prepare Him Room

  1. Nicki
    I love love this! I’ve missed it too – for shame – but in me He does reside.
    Thank you for your lovely reflections.
    Have a beautiful Christmas,

  2. Beautifully written. I can recall me mom always telling me to “make ready my heart for Christ”. I never really got it until I was older. And I agree, sometimes it’s hard to make room because we are too focused on other things.

    I’m having a hard time fitting in time alone with God since our baby was born, so I’m making room by using my kids’ bible study as my own study too! 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! Your mom sounds like a wise woman. So glad you remember her words of wisdom now when you can use it most.

      And a brilliant idea about your Bible study time! When there’s a will there’s a way. . .
      You having that will will show your children the way. 😉

  3. I’ve prepared him room by stepping back from much of my normal activity. I stepped back for a time for various reasons and have realized that, while I need to be out serving, I have not left room enough for him. I need to find a much better balance and I love the time and room I have for him now!

    • Ah, yes. Stepping back allows more room and better focus at times. Something we should all strive for.
      So glad you have made room for Him, Shanda! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Merry Christmas to you.

  4. there have been many posts this week talking about preparation…and i think this highlights it as well…maybe thoughts too on how well we keep that room for him within us…….hope you have a very merry christmas

  5. Lovely thoughts. How often are we “preparing” all season long and forget that HE is the guest of honor–not our family members that are coming to visit or the tree that moves into our living room.

    I love the old hymns–the lyrics are rich with scripture and promise. (And that’s one of my favorites!)

  6. Nikki – I have also rearranged my heart at times, making room for Jesus when it’s convenient for me. But as I think about Him preparing a room for me, no questions asked, how can I not make room for Him?

    Wishing you a blessed and joyful Christmas.


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