Christmas Worship ~ Music Mondays

We refer to most Christmas hymns as ‘carols’. By definition they are. They’re religious folk songs, popular hymns associated with Christmas.

But over time, the term carol has lost meaning. Impact. And I wish I could write an apology letter to the authors of those masterpieces.

For they wrote those songs with the sole purpose of worship in mind. They composed those carols to bring glory to the Highest. To the King of all Kings. To the Savior, Christ our Lord.

Now, caroling is a grand idea (thought up by the Romans if you were curious). Bringing contagious joy to your neighbors in harmonies. Sharing the glory of the season in melodious splendor. Yes, a fine idea indeed. The tradition of caroling hasn’t changed much. It’s still the same. On the outside. How it is on the inside is up to us.

If only we could bring back the original purpose of those carols we sing in our churches, malls and nursing homes. If only we could prepare our hearts for what they were intended for: To God be all Glory and on earth, peace…good will.

Yes, that’s something worth striving for. This Christmas, I will strive to focus on the meaning of these carols I sing. With the intent of glorifying the Savior. And in that act of worship, I will behold Him.

Last week, I shared with you 10 of my favorite Christmas songs. They all focused more on the story of Christmas. The history behind Christ’s birth date. This week, I’d love to focus on the worship this event should bring forth. Back to the basics of what Christmas songs were written for.

And no one does that better than Chris Tomlin. His Christmas album is saturated with worship. Have you heard it? Any of it? It’s worth gifting yourself with.

Please, will you worship with me? Let’s behold Him.

Here’s the title song for Chris Tomlin’s Christmas Album: Glory in the Highest.

I implore you to stick around for the end of this song. I always have to stop what I’m doing around the 3:20 mark.

NOTE: If you’re reading this in email/reader format, please click HERE to listen in.

I pray you prepare your hearts for worship this Christmas season. May we bring

Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
   and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.”

How about you? What Christmas song puts you in the heart of worship? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


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9 thoughts on “Christmas Worship ~ Music Mondays

  1. I saw that Chris Tomlin album and was curious. After hearing the song you posted, I just might have to check out some more tracks.

    I’ve been finding a lot of beautiful carols this season. There is a version of “Rejoice! Rejoice Believers” put out by the Chicago Metro Presbytery that is wonderful. I can’t stop listening to it. You can find it at the Presbytery’s website(, on YouTube and I also posted it on my blog. Several songs from the Gettys’ Irish Chrstimas album are really wonderful, too.

  2. Yep, Chris Tomlin is one of the few who can take Christmas carols and songs and turn them into an amazing worship experience. He is an absolute favorite of mine!

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