The Ultimate Power Nap

I’m giving this another try. 5 Minute Fridays, Take Two.
No editing. Just typing for 5 minutes straight on the subject of:


And I can’t help but smile at the topic for today as my post yesterday was about something similar: Exhaustion.


Since becoming a parent, I’m fairly certain I have used this word ‘tired’ every single day in one form or another.

“I’m soooo tired”
“I’m so tired of ____”
“Oh, he’s starting to show signs he’s tired.”
“I’m too tired to ______”

And I wonder: Since when did tiredness become a state of being?

I’m reminded of the verse in Matthew where Jesus offers help for those of us who are weary. burdened. He offers: “Take My yoke upon you…you will find rest”.

And I think: There He goes again — freely offering to take my place in exchange for His.

Today, I will humbly take Him up on His offer. I take His yoke–His place in line if you will and find myself in the presence of the King of Kings. I fall to my knees as I worship in this place

Where stress fades away
Where sickness finds relief
Where sleep comes easy
Where souls are refreshed

And I realize: Standing in the presence of Jehovah is the ultimate power nap.

Praising His Name transforms my own state of being. And being tired becomes but a memory.


Speaking of, thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,



10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Power Nap

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer, and for blessing me today! Your post on the same word touched me so. I hope my friends here will click your name and read your beautiful, poignant words. 🙂

  1. I get this!! Sometimes when the kids are down for naps and I can’t decide whether to sleep in exhaustion, or read my Bible to soothe my soul, the Bible reading can often be more beneficial!! 🙂

    • Yes — Julie Anne! Exactly! The Bible is beneficial. Soul soothing. If only we all invested our time daily in its benefits. So glad you’ve had the same experience. . . Love those ultimate power naps!
      Thanks for checking in and taking the time to comment. I enjoy following you on twitter 🙂

  2. Tired has become a way of life too often for me–usually because I’m making poor choices in the use of my time! The priority of sitting quietly in His presence often gets pushed aside for the seemingly more “urgent.”

    I appreciated your words today. Thank you.

    • So true, Lisa. Making poor choices. Pushing aside the priority of being still. Both make me tired and both are on my list of things I’m striving to avoid. Thanks for reading and encouraging me along the way. You are a blessing!

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