10 Things I Wish I Did

This is me being real. Here are 10 things I just don’t do but wish I did. . .

  1. I don’t call people on the phone just to talk. I blame working retail for this. In my old life, I found myself on the phone a lot. I don’t miss that. But I do miss a number of dear friends and wish I would pick up the phone once in awhile!
  2.  I don’t text. I blame my cell phone provider as they do not offer this for free. Refer to #1 and I’m sure you could understand how I could rack up quite the texting bill.
  3. I don’t scrapbook. I blame the mess. the clutter. I love the look of a completely finished scrapbook and know my kids deserve them more than the photo books I do manage to do. I just can’t bring myself to overcome the clutter of it all. the mess of hauling it out every time. oh, but I love looking at your finished books!
  4. I don’t sew. I blame myself. I so want to be able to say I do. My mom is a talented quilter/sewer/crocheter extraordinaire. I have no excuse. She has even given me her old sewing machine! The whole thing overwhelms me for some reason. Maybe 2012 will be the year I take this off my list…
  5. I don’t dance. I blame my parents for this. They never let me go to High School dances. Of course it’s not my parents’ fault for my lack of skills, but it’s more fun than admitting I’m not good as I would love to be. Love you mom and dad!
  6. I don’t garden. I blame the dirt. I also blame humidity for this. I am not a fan of either and where I live, both are required to endure if you’re going to succeed at gardening. I have had a container garden before and didn’t do too bad. So maybe there is hope for me yet!
  7. I don’t eat seafood. I blame the aftertaste. I blame the texture. Take your pick. I have an issue with aftertastes and some textures. I tolerate coconut shrimp for my family as it’s a favorite for my boys, but that is pushing it. Scallops? Crab? No can do. Wish it weren’t true. All the more for you!
  8. I don’t wear skinny jeans. I blame my ‘genes’ for this. Or maybe previous pregnancies. Sometimes I’ll blame my inconsistent exercise routine. Regardless, that is one trend I will not jump on board with. For your sake.
  9. I don’t bake bread. I blame myself on this one. I’m not a good baker and this task intimidates me. Help talk me out of this one. I so want to do this. Do I just get a bread machine and call it a day? This one has to come off my list. Soon.
  10. I don’t ride roller-coasters. I blame Space Mountain. It was my first experience on one as a young child. It terrified me. And I’ve never gotten over the feeling of your heart in your throat. Or is it your stomach. Regardless, it shouldn’t be there and I can’t seem to turn that into a good experience for me no matter how hard I try.
How about you? What don’t you do but wish you did? I’d love to hear. 
Thanks for sharing your time with me.
Simply striving,

12 thoughts on “10 Things I Wish I Did

  1. I just couldn’t pass this one up with out a comment!! hehe
    #1….practice this with calling me!! 🙂 Maybe we both can overcome that!
    #2…I wish you did, but let’s practice #1 first.
    #3…Me either, don’t blame you. Alot of work to show off a couple pictures.
    #4…Let me help you with this one. We can have mini classes when we get together.
    #5…Sorry about that. But have fun doing it at home with Matty.
    #6…There will be time for this. I didn’t start until after all you kids left home. You need a big yard too.
    #7…there is always “after dinner mints”. hehe Keep trying, I think you learned to eat mushrooms.
    #8…Sorry about the “genes”. I can’t do them either, unless there is a BIG shirt covering them up.
    #9…Want your bread maker back? I don’t use it, I use my small loaf maker more.
    #10…You thought you were going to die, but you didn’t. Not a fan either, but Space Mountain was fun. Didn’t we do it more than once?

    Love you…thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

    • Thanks for commenting, mom!
      Yes–you can help me by showing me for the 100th time how I thread my sewing machine –including the silly bobbin. I have to believe it will all come back to me! And I still think that bread machine is too big for my needs. I think smaller is the way to go…
      And yes–just because I can’t dance doesn’t stop me from getting my groove on with my boys! with the shades pulled of course 😉
      love you, too. thanks for reading my rants.

  2. excellent list, nikk! i’m going to attempt to write mine down now…

    1. sending cards: the art of writing and mailing letters/cards is becoming a lost one. i don’t want it to go down without a fight. i will do my best in the year to come to remedy this.

    2. visiting family and friends more: i use my young children as an excuse for this…when really, its not a valid excuse. relationships matter more than routines…i’m learning this.

    3. journaling: i think i’d really really love it if i would just get over my excuses and do it

    4. waking early for “me” time: just like #3

    5. exercise more: i’m a different person when i take the time to devote to myself and get healthy. i like that person. and much like #3…gotta get over my excuses, wake up early or not get bogged down so much later in the day that i can’t get to the Y and work out.

    6. sitting down and playing at the piano for fun: don’t get me wrong. i play every week. i’m a co-woship leader at our church and i play/sing pretty much every week. but i don’t just sit down and play for enjoyment or even private worship anymore. as i write this, my piano stands only five feet from me. hmmm…. 🙂

    7. take our dog for walks: poor twinkie. she never gets out anymore unless its potty time. she’s getting old, but i’m sure she’d still love to get out and about more.

    8. read more: i truly enjoy reading, but sadly its been pushed to the wayside as i struggle through the early years of parenting. this WILL change, and soon.

    9. making more meals for shut-ins/new neighbors/etc: i enjoy cooking and LOVE treat making, so why don’t i do this more? i don’t even have an excuse.

    10. more dates with my awesome hubby: he’s just an amazing man and i still get a little giddy when he comes home from work. 🙂 i need to get over this whole idea of him having to be the initiator and set up more dates. i know we’d both be happy i did.

    there. i did it. i fessed up. thanks for the prompting! i know what i need to get working on now!

    • Excellent list, Ginger! Thanks for taking the time to share yours. I can relate to a number of these. It’s always so difficult to take time for ourselves, isn’t it. And to think we all benefit from it. . . What is that saying? If momma ain’t happy….. 🙂
      Let’s both commit to changing some of these, shall we?

  3. We are soooo sisters! Swap your #2 and #7 (I LOVE seafood and have unlimited text) with Ginger’s #1-3, and you have my list. You can borrow my breadmachine if you like to see if it’s your thing. Super easy…just throw in the ingredients and 45 minutes later you have warm yummy bread. It’s as close to baking as I get.

    • Who would have known growing up we’d end up so similar, Anna! I might take you up on borrowing your bread machine for awhile….I’ll let you know–thank you! And thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and comment 🙂

  4. Wow!! I’m thinking that we are related! 🙂 But I do dance. Not that I have many opportunities these days other than Zumba class at the gym – LOL! And I do have texting on my phone, but I’m the slowest texter ever and have no desire to constantly be using my phone so only hubs and I occasionally text each other.

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