Do I Know Him?

I’ve read this endearing passage hundreds of times. The act of grace willingly given to one so unworthy despite knowing her for who she was: The Promiscuous Woman of Samaria. I snuggle deeper into my bedroom chair as I begin to read it once more. Excitement starts to bubble within as I know how it ends…Grace abounds.

That’s when it hits me. Five simple words stop me from turning the page, from reading the conclusion. The words appear highlighted, larger than the rest, and that’s when I know; Jesus is no longer talking to the Samaritan Woman. He’s talking to me.

…we worship what we know. (John 4:22b)

I read it over and over. Just those words at first and then the entire paragraph. Repeatedly. Hoping to ease my unsettled heart.

We worship what we know.

Questions start flooding my mind. I find myself writing in the margin:

Do I Know Him?

Do I know Him and not just know of Him? Do I know Him enough to truly worship? Am I truly worshiping? Am I bowing down to the One I know?

Now I’m digging. Frantically flipping through my journal for something jotted down while reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. Ah, here it is:

“Every moment I live, I live bowed to something.
And if I don’t see God, I’ll bow down before something else.”
(One Thousand Gifts pg 110)

Do I know Him enough to see Him every moment I live?

I go back to the Book of John, hoping to finish the Samaritan story while sorting through my thoughts. The woman is now revealing to her acquaintances that she’s met a man who truly knows everything about her (and still offers her grace). I smile and think to myself, “Yes, He knows you and loves you regardless. He knows you like He knows me. He knows me and yet He loves me.”

He loves me enough to know me. Not just of me. The real me. Oh, how I want to love Him like that. To know Him fully. To become completely familiar. For in that journey, of seeking Him continually and involving Him in my everyday, I will worship what I know. Thank You, Father, for speaking to me through Your Word.

Yes. I will worship what I know.

To God be the glory.

How about you? Do you know Him and not just of Him? How do you worship? How does He speak to you? I’d love to hear.

UPDATE: I wrote this post before I had even opened up my blog to the World Wide Web. My thoughts on this have resulted in a series of posts since. You May find the other few HERE.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply striving,


I’m linking this up to The Gypsy Mama’s “One Post”

13 thoughts on “Do I Know Him?

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  4. Hi Nikki!
    I love this post (and subsequent thoughts) and am glad you linked it up to Gypsy Mama today. I love to hear how God speaks to us and especially enjoyed your “highlighted” 5 words. Isn’t He great? Gently guiding us to what we need to learn – what we need to know – what He wants us to savor – all to be closer to Him – to know Him. He loves us so much.
    At this point in my life God speaks to me through the bible as well as through dreams and visions and I love love listening to Him … straining so I don’t miss a thing.
    Have a blessed week,

    • Yes, Felecia, that’s exactly what He does: Gently guides.
      So encouraged to hear you strain, too!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and trust you had a very Blessed Christmas!
      To God be the glory

  5. Nikki, I am so challenged by your post here — and so grateful for your heart. This is all so true! I am just starting to read a book a friend got me for Christmas, Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge. It is supposed to be an amazing book stripping away all of the religion and other stuff that clouds our perceptions of Jesus and looks at His personality– the real man He was and is. But knowing Jesus isn’t about reading any book; it is definitely those one-on-one encounters with Him that get me to truly know Him. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks for sharing your Christmas gift with me, Jennifer! That book was on my list to read for next year. Might just have to move it up on that list as I’m striving to clear the fog of my own perceptions. Thank you!
      Trust you had a blessed Christmas as well!

  6. What a challenging post. Intentionally seeking after, knowing, bowing to, and worshiping Him today…to God be the glory, indeed! Thanks so much for this reminder. God bless!

  7. Thanks for sharing this Nikki. I probably never would’ve stumbled upon it myself since I am now just getting to know you. 🙂 Thanks for opening up one of Jesus’ greatest stories… beautifully thoughtful and motivating. “I want to know you Lord.” ~ Love from Maine, Amy

  8. Nikki, this is beautiful. Thank you for pointing those words out and reminding me of Ann’s. Every day I am bowed to something. I am afraid I have bowed to fear more than I’d like to admit. I have bowed to fear of what I have known rather than in holy fear of WHO I know. Thank you for praying me through this.

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