100 Things About Me

Mentioning 100 things about me seems impossible. Which is exactly why I’m going to try. Let’s see…

  1. I love lists
  2. Have been known to make a list simply to cross things off of it
  3. I am the 2nd child out of 4 — First girl
  4. Blessed to say I was raised in a Christian home
  5. Excited to claim Christ as my personal Lord and Savior
  6. Was Homecoming Queen and Miss Congeniality of my small town– yet make no mistake, I am an introvert
  7. Played flute in High School and haven’t played much since
  8. Started playing piano at age 4 and have never stopped
  9. Playing piano defines serenity to me
  10. Have been to 6 Countries and 15 States — all before I was 21
  11. Went to a Small(er) Christian College
  12. Married my college sweetheart
  13. Can honestly say he is my best friend
  14. Found out I was pregnant w/our 1st child on my 30th birthday–best Birthday present EVER!
  15. Delivered our 1st child on our 9th Wedding Anniversary–best Anniversary gift EVER!
  16. Delivered our second son stillborn 2 years and 2 weeks later
  17. Prefer chai tea over coffee any day
  18. Don’t drink coffee due to the aftertaste/afterbreath
  19. I have an issue with aftertastes
  20. Cannot bring myself to eat green olives
  21. The texture/aftertaste of yogurt makes me gag, but I force myself to keep trying as I so want to love greek yogurt
  22. I eat peanut butter nearly every day
  23. Trader Joe’s Natural Peanut Butter is pure bliss to me
  24. I am absolutely terrified of bees
  25. Have never sent a text message (and will update this if that changes)
  26. Rarely talk on the phone
  27. Email is my preferred communication method, which makes #25 even more bizarre
  28. Have never had a professional mani/pedicure
  29. Would rather stay home and eat cereal than pick what restaurant we’re going to
  30. Would rather say I’m easy to please than admit my indecisiveness
  31. I am rather easy to please
  32. Prefer to shop online — especially if there’s free shipping
  33. A great date night would consist of take-out and a board game over popcorn
  34. Love board games — all kinds
  35. My favorite snack is popcorn — but not microwave popcorn. it has an aftertaste
  36. When I was young, I wanted the job of naming the colors for paint/carpet samples
  37. Would still love that job
  38. Have never seen a shade of green I didn’t appreciate
  39. I have a hard time choosing a favorite of anything
  40. Will always pick sweet over salty unless the salty option is non-microwave popcorn
  41. Cannot comprehend why anyone would put nuts that get soggy into otherwise smooth bars or cookies
  42. I can’t seem to pick a favorite movie, favorite song, or favorite style of music
  43. If you needed to fill out the ‘favorites’ section on facebook, I wouldn’t be a member
  44. Have such a hard time deciding which cd to put in that I listen to a lot of radio (don’t own an iPod)
  45. I am very indecisive. there. I’ve said it.
  46. Writing in greeting cards stresses me out
  47. Folding a fitted sheet is not a talent of mine
  48. Would rather give a present than receive one
  49. Love surprises
  50. Don’t mind vacuuming or dusting
  51. I have never mowed a lawn
  52. I have changed my oil and flat tire(s)
  53. Most favorite season is Autumn
  54. I’d choose being cold over hot any day
  55. A secluded cabin on a serene private lake in the mountains sounds like the most perfect vacation to me
  56. The tones of a deep warm red make me smile
  57. When I need to blow off steam, I scrub things
  58. I need to think about things before I respond in an argument. I find this frustrating. So does the person I’m arguing with
  59. Would rather read a true story than watch reality TV. Unless it’s some type of true talent competition
  60. I sing a lot. I’m not that good, but it doesn’t stop me
  61. My microwave and coffee pot collect dust easily due to lack of use
  62. The toaster oven is my most used small(er) appliance
  63. Have never had my hair professionally colored. It’s a money thing for me
  64. Would wear smartwool socks all year-long if I could
  65. Don’t like being barefoot
  66. My feet are seriously ticklish
  67. Can’t walk with a strap in-between my toes. Thus, I do not own a pair of flip-flops
  68. You will never find anything pastel in my wardrobe
  69. I prefer my cereal mostly mushy
  70. I am not a night owl and am not the earliest bird
  71. Would rather not go at all than show up late to something
  72. Change does not frighten me in the slightest
  73. When I’m stressed, I love to organize/de-clutter something
  74. I could look at floor plans all day. The last magazine I bought at a drugstore was just that
  75. One of my least favorite smells in the whole wide world is a sour dishrag
  76. Out of the 9 jobs I’ve had, teaching piano and being a SAHM are my most favorite (also the lowest paying)
  77. If Scentsy added the fragrance of movie popcorn to their product line, I would most likely become a consultant
  78. I’ll generally pick seeing an action movie over a chick flick unless it’s a classic I cannot refuse. Too many chick flicks have disappointed me
  79. I always have a song running through my head
  80. In general, I recall the soundtrack to a movie before the actual plot. If I don’t like the soundtrack, I can’t bring myself to like the movie
  81. If I had a bucket list, learning to play the guitar would be on it
  82. One of my aspirations is being able to bake well
  83. I have trouble duplicating a meal exactly which is frustrating when you loved it last time
  84. I find a jigsaw puzzle mesmerizing
  85. I enjoy a good problem solving puzzle
  86. Used to suffer from frequent migraines until I discovered one of my triggers was MSG
  87. Having a baby as well as Food, Inc. changed the way I view food and improved the way I grocery shop
  88. Could easily color or play legos/lincoln logs with my boy all day long
  89. Painting contemporary landscapes resides #2 on my list of hobbies even if I haven’t done it for a while
  90. If I were to win a shopping spree at a store of my choice, I would pick Lands End and then later regret not picking something like Anthropologie
  91. I have never shopped at Anthropologie
  92. Room&Board sums up my furniture taste to a ‘T’. It’s also the best retail company I’ve ever worked for
  93. The only fast food I find myself craving would be Chipotle. Possibly MSG Free Chinese on occasion. Okay, I sometimes crave gyros
  94. Have never purchased margarine, kale, or eggplant, but will buy 2 out of 3 someday
  95. I have Hashimoto’s Disease, but the disease does not have me
  96. Would absolutely love to take a Pottery class. It’s my favorite decoration. Well, that and accent pillows
  97. My magazines of choice would be Cook’s Illustrated and Real Simple
  98. I consider myself an optimistic person. I’ve been told that’s a flaw
  99. My husband and I are homebodies through and through. I LOVE that
  100. I am not one to care what people think of me, but am learning to be conscious of how I come across

Wow. I made it. and so did you.

So, what do we have in common? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

Simply Striving,



9 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

  1. Naming the colors of paint chips or carpet! HAHAHA, I sure remember all the hours we did that! Loved reading about you and your list! Cathy

  2. #67… I can’t wear Flip-Flops for the same reason and also don’t own a pair! 🙂

    #97.. I have shop Anthropology… it is beautiful but the prices will give you a heart attack!

    #3… Second-borns rock! : )

  3. I too love lists!
    We went to the same college.
    I’m the second child in my fam too.
    Christ is my Savior.
    My hubby is my bestest friend.
    Can’t stand green olives either.
    Am rather indecisive myself.
    Would rather shop online too.
    Always choose sweet over salty.
    Think it’s extremely difficult to choose what my favorites are.
    I take forever to come up with responses in arguments too.
    Toaster oven is my most-used appliance too.
    Love to do jigsaw puzzles as well.

    I am sure there are more things we have in common!!! But we’ll stick to your list for now. 🙂 I knew there was a reason why we were friends.

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